Cats, Weapons, and Ireland

_MG_5871First photo shoot post! And quite an exciting one it is. I mention on my about page that I do theatre- specifically stage manage. Occasionally, this gets me photo gigs. This can range from quick last-minute headshot sessions (I need a headshot for promotional stuff for x show. Help!) to shooting a dress rehearsal of a production. This particular shoot was for promotional materials for my latest project- The Lieutenant of Inishmore. I’ve been doing quite a lot of work with this show and being able to handle photos on top of everything was amazing.

The show- put incredibly briefly- centers around a mad Irishman, his love for his cat, and war waged over said cat being killed. This meant we had a cat at our shoot! I’ve always been a dog person and have never worked with cats before so this brought an unpredictable element to the shoot. Edgar, our model cat, is not a people cat. At all. So getting photos where he is more than just a black fuzzy blurr was incredibly difficult. I did manage to get a few, though.


This photo shoot was one of the more fun ones I’ve done though definitely pretty high on the list of challenges. And just in time for the Halloween slot at the theatre where we perform, plenty of blood & body parts to go around. Don’t worry, all the weapons are fake.


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