Date Night In

I mentioned I just moved? The lady and I have created a new nest for ourselves in this wonderful little space. This place felt homey when we first visited it free of any sort of furniture. Now that we’ve settled in a bit more, it doesn’t just feel like home- it is home. But we’re both incredibly busy so a date night in is just what we need to properly settle.


Having the day off, I was able to spend plenty of time preparing. A little bit of tidying around the place, baking those peanut butter sesame cookies, popping to the grocery for some ingredients for dinner and some flowers, and finally making dinner- a zucchini pie with fresh veggies from the farmer’s market and a rustic buttery crust. That recipe will be coming soon!


The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I slipped into a favorite dress if mine, the pie went into the oven, I lit the candles on the table, set out her rose, and she walked in the door.


Dinner was delicious, the wine flowed happily, dessert ended the meal on a sweet note, and the rest of the evening carried out blissfully. Sometimes it takes a little bit of celebrating home in order for a place to completely be home.


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