A Little Pick Me Up

It is an ill-kept secret that I love junk food in all forms. Healthy stuff is good and all but nothing can top a basket of french fries for me. Sometimes, I just need grease more than anything else to keep me going.

So it’s no surprise that Pick Me Up Cafe in Wrigleyville is one of my favorite places to drop in to dine. With a wide selection of vegan-friendly diner food, PMU is a go-to when I’m craving some greasy-spoon style diner food. Open late, they make a great pit stop after rehearsal or, in this case, a stop after a long day apple picking (post to come).

To start, drinks. They always have a wonderful selection of beers to pick from. Their special is currently the Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale. And oh man was this brew delicious. I’m partial to the subtle hints of spice that pumpkin brews bring to the table and this one did not disappoint.

photo 1

Their vegan cheese fries are food of the gods, I swear. They have a wonderful spice mix on their fries combined with gooey melted Teese brand vegan cheddar that just makes my mouth water thinking about it. served with a little salsa, these are a crowd pleaser across the board and sure to satisfy that junk food craving.

photo 2

But wait! There’s more!

I’ve had most of their breakfast offerings (though almost none of them have been during generally acceptable “breakfast” hours). This time, I wanted to try something different and instead turned to the sandwich section of their menu. Buffalo. Tofu. Wrap. Oh man was I excited about this one. The not-vegan version of the wrap features ranch dressing and cheddar cheese. In lieu of these, they sub melty Teese cheddar. Delicious would put this wrap to shame. I have officially discovered a new favorite. Served with a side of vegan chili (they offered fries but I think double fries may have taken it a bit too far this time) and I was warmed up, happily full, and ready to go take a food-induced coma nap.

photo 3

Should you ever find yourself in Chicago and looking for a delicious diner to grab a bite, look no further than Pick Me Up. Their food will not disappoint.

Featured image: “Pick Me Up” by Flickr user Clint McMahon (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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