A Chill is in the air

One of my favorite style blogs that I follow, Damsel in Dior, recently did a post on 40 reasons to love fall. Inspired, I decided to create my own chilly list.

  1. Scarves. Warm, thick, snuggly soft scarves to curl up in.
  2. Tea. I drink tea all summer long regardless but a hot cuppa coming in from a chilly walk is just too wonderful.
  3. Apple everything. Apple picking. Apple baking. Apple cider. All of it.
  4. Fall color photography.
  5. Snuggling into a pile of cozy soft blankets.
  6. Boot season arriving.
  7. Sweater season.
  8. Swapping bright summery colors for deep rich colors.
  9. Warm crumble-y desserts.
  10. Getting lost in corn mazes
  11. Spiced rum & apple juice.
  12. Blazers.
  13. Pea coats.
  14. All forms of outerwear, honestly.
  15. Pots of soup bubbling away on the stove.
  16. Pumpkin ale.
  17. Warming up after coming in from the cold.
  18. Fluffy socks.
  19. Thanksgiving- vegan style!
  20. Mulled wine.
  21. Crunchy leaf piles everywhere.
  22. Bonfires.
  23. Hot cocoa.
  24. Drizzly days.
  25. Football.
  26. Chilly beach walks (i’m pretty sure this is a Great Lakes thing almost exclusively)
  27. Halloween!
  28. The colors that appear at farmers markets.
  29. Pulling my favorite sweaters out of storage and putting summer clothes away.
  30. Sharing all these wonderful things with the ones I love.

Happy fall everyone. Go enjoy it!

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