The Perfect Leopard Flat


I’ve been on a mission this fall: find the perfect leopard flat. I do lots of walking in my commute and sometimes, heels are just not a good idea. I’ve been on the prowl for a leopard flat to keep my feet comfy while still looking nice.

It took lots of trying on shoes and lots of figuring out exactly what I wanted. I definitely wanted something flat. Which ruled out those gorgeous booties up top (though I would be lying if I didn’t say I was still thinking about them). I wanted something with a pointed toe. That nixed most of my options. I wanted something comfortable that I would have no problem sitting at a desk in all day. Those loafers are still in the running. Even though they’re not pointed toe, they weren’t completely rounded so I was willing to let that go.

But I really wanted flats. Loafers are nice and all and those are still on my list of considerations but a pointed toe ballet flat was what I was looking for. And thus, I landed on these beauties. They took a little bit of breaking in at first but I’ve worn them nearly every day since! They’re absolutely perfect.

The reviews on them all say “a little uncomfortable” or refer to blisters. Yes, I did get a blister on one foot. And they were a little uncomfortable after walking around for an entire day. But after a little TLC and a carefully placed band-aid, these are nicely broken in and don’t hurt at all any more.

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