The Best Bubble Bath Ever

_MG_6642On the list of ways I can actually relax, baths take a spot near the very top. There’s something wonderful about submerging into hit water and just completely unwinding. Or reading a book. Or having a glass of wine. As long as there is hot water, I don’t really care what else is involved. Finding a bubble bath I like has been a challenge, however. It needs to be the perfect scent, make great bubbles, and leave me feeling actually relaxed.

Cue Cream City Soap Company. I stumbled upon these guys at the Bristol Renaissance Faire where they had a huge table of soaps as well as some delicious smelling bath products including a wonderful lavender scented bubbler that looked promising. Curiosity piqued, I decided to take a tub home to try.

Holy bubble bath, batman! This stuff is amazing. The smell is absolutely perfect. Not overpowering at all and it makes the entire apartment smell like lavender. Add in a hot cup of aromatic coffee and you have aromatherapy to last several hours.

The bath itself was just as glorious. Mounds of bubbles everywhere. I like to pair with candles, relaxing, and a good book for maximum relaxation.


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