Chicago has an obsession with brunch. Being raised in Chicago, I, too, have an obsession with brunch. Finding brunch places with good vegan options is often rather difficult. We happened to wander past Nookie’s Edgewater (also known as Nookies 4) while my cousin was visiting. Intrigued, my lady took to the internet and investigated their food offerings. We were more than happy to discover that they had a vegan option on their menu. A brunch place within walking distance of our apartment with a vegan option?! Suddenly, a lazy Sunday morning turned into a whirlwind of picking out clothes, putting on some make-up, and heading out into the fall chill for some food.


As expected, there was a wait- only about 20 minutes. When we finally got to our table, we immediately started off with hot drinks- coffee for her, China black tea for me.


We gave the menu one more glance to make sure we hadn’t missed another vegan dish and, concluding we hadn’t, ordered the smoky tofu with whole wheat toast, a bloody mary for me and a mimosa for her.




The food was amazing. The tofu was cooked perfectly. A heap of veggies including mushroom, green onion, and tomato added some color. The smoky flavor rounded everything out. With a side of herby potatoes and sauteed spinach, I was in breakfast heaven.


This place will definitely remain as a treat and not a regular occurrence but I, for one, am glad to have found it. How bout another shot of that plate. So good!


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