Akkad Jewelry

Have you ever been sitting in a work meeting and your mind wanders a bit and you start observing everyone else in the room? I do it more often than I care to admit. I tend to pay attention to what everyone else in the office is wearing. As it’s a very mixed dress office (level of formality in attire is based on your department), I like seeing what everyone wears. I spied a gorgeous watch on the arm of our CEO’s secretary. Nice and chunky, rose gold, sparkly bits everywhere.

The meeting ended and I made a bee line for her. We haven’t talked too much and I’m not entirely certain she remembered who I was but she was thrilled that someone noticed her watch. She said it was by Akkad Jewelry. I’d never heard of them before so the moment I had some downtime at my desk, I did some researching. I couldn’t (and still can’t) find any info on the designer himself save for his photo on the page linked above.

The watch she had was no longer online and the only one available is a bit too glitzy for my tastes as is most of his collection. Still, I could see one piece acting as a statement combined with a neutral outfit.

akkad-angel-in-blue-leaf-design-bangle-bracelet-d-20140805123942853~363522 akkad-castillo-clear-crystal-goldtone-hoop-earrings-d-20130311180539667~231545





Images: Akkad Jewelry on HSN.com

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