Sushi Date Night

With seriously conflicting work schedules, it has been incredibly difficult for my lady and I to find time to have together. Combine that with both of us having a particularly intense craving for sushi and the first free night we both had off (and weren’t phenomenally exhausted), we ventured out into the cold to a chic little sushi spot for some well-deserved rolls.


Dib Sushi sits in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood right off the Lawrence Red Line. I beat her there- her coming from work and me coming from home- and, thus, grabbed a table and took in the atmosphere as I warmed up over a cup of green tea. Even chatted with my neighbor who was also waiting for a date. The decor of this place is simply stunning! Dim lighting and faux-suede bench seats establish a solidly cozy atmosphere paired with bird-nest looking chairs. The place is warm and inviting with a little candle at each table to up the romance. Simply perfect for our date night.


Occasionally, we take a small break from our no-meat rule and will allow ourselves one indulgence. My indulgence was a crunchy spicy salmon roll. Hers was a tuna avocado roll. We shared a sweet potato tempura roll, an impressive order of mixed veggie tempura, and a roll called the Vegan Garden which was a mess of greens and other veggies with tofu wrapped in soy paper in a decadent peanut sauce. Top it all off with a bowl of miso and we were set for a feast!





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