Holmes and Watson @ City Lit


Once in a while, I am not working on a show and do not have rehearsal or anything on a weekend. And on those weekends, I get to actually go see shows. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I’m always excited to go and see what other theatre companies are offering. City Lit is currently presenting Holmes and Watson, a dramatisation of “A Scandal in Bohemia” and “The Final Problem.”

Suffice to say, it was wonderful. James Sparling (Holmes) portrayed Sherlock stunningly. The physicality he assumed was spot on. Adam Bitterman (Watson) acted the famous detective’s companion and narrated magnificently as well. With simple technical design in set, lighting, and sound, the actors were allowed to truly shine. It was a fantastic foray into the world of Arthur Conan Doyle and one I am glad they brought to the stage.

We followed up the show with a walk along the beach before meandering home. Everywhere is starting to decorate for Christmas! Our street is slowly becoming a winter wonderland.


Coat: Miss London | Shoes: Steve Madden | Jeans: Victoria’s Secret PINK | Top & Scarf: Nordstrom Rack | Cardigan: Old Navy

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