Closing the Show


It’s been around two weeks since we closed The Lieutenant of Inishmore with my theatre company, AstonRep, but I’m just getting around to writing about the whole experience now. Oops. What with Thanksgiving and things, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So here we are.

Warning, bloody shenanigans pictured below. 

This show was so much fun to work on, both from a stage management and dramaturgical (information design) standpoint. I even got to dabble into lights a little bit! Everyone was such an awesome team. I can’t even begin to verbally express how much I loved working with every single person on this show. We all worked together so well.


There’s this magical thing that happens when working on a show. You spend so much time with these people in varying degrees of vulnerability from sleep deprivation during tech week to watching actors actually become their characters throughout the process. It’s a lot to share with people. Every process, no matter how many people I know from the get go, we all come in as strangers and leave as — at the very minimum — friends. I can name several names of people I have worked with who I would go so far as to call family at this point. This wonderful way of bringing so many different talents and experiences and mindsets to a table and creating something from nothing and then bringing it back to nothing again when it closed is so unique to theatre and why I love it so very much.


To the cast and crew of Inishmore, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart. This has been one of the most amazing processes I’ve had the privilege to be part of.






All images credit to Emily Schwartz for AstonRep.

A note, no [real] cats or actors were harmed in the making of this production.



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