Vacation Week!


Happy Monday! I believe the quote “may your coffee be strong and your Monday be short” is appropriate for many today. For me, it’s vacation week! Well, it’s staycation week. I’ve got this glorious week off between my contracts at my job that’s giving me a chance to catch up with everything and be ready to go into what is going to be a VERY crazy busy spring theatre season. I’ve got 4 shows between now and May! So having a week to just chill and breathe before I lose sleep for nearly 5 consecutive months will be nice.


We have every intention of doing things like cook up a storm out of the several cookbooks we got over the holidays (hello recipe posts!), visiting family, hopefully adopting a dog, and a whole lot of sitting around, reading books, drinking tea, and generally unplugging. It’s going to be so so nice to rest.


I had a little too much fun shooting this outfit. It’s a little classy, a little sassy, and all sorts of cozy featuring a multitude of my favorite pieces. This lace top is ages old — I think I got it in college — but so perfect for everything! And my not so secret love of wide brimmed hats makes an appearance. That was where the “too much fun” came in shooting this one.


_MG_7183  _MG_7181  _MG_7177

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