The Beauty Blogger Tag

So I’m not exactly a beauty blogger — I like to do a bit of everything — but this was a really nice get to know you kind of tag. And some bonus outfit photos!
  1. IS YOUR HAIR NATURALLY CURLY OR STRAIGHT? I’m a curly girl! For anyone who knows the classifications of curly hair, I’m a 3B/3C depending on the day and how much moisture is in my hair. I do straighten my hair every so often but I’ve learned to love and embrace my curls after several years of learning how to properly care for curly hair in a market geared almost exclusively towards straight hair. I’ll eventually do a post about caring for curls as it’s something I’m super passionate about. I need to figure out how to get it all either into a post or a series of posts.
  2. WHAT IS YOUR NATURAL HAIR COLOUR? Dishwater blonde. But it looks perpetually greasy when it’s that color. So I like to give it some red!
  3. DO YOU DYE IT YOURSELF OR GO TO A SALON? I color it myself with professional quality dyes.
  4. HOW OFTEN DO YOU WASH YOUR HAIR? Every 3-4 days. Curls need even less washing than straight hair when cared for properly.
  5. DO YOU WEAR THE SAME STYLE EVERY DAY OR CHANGE IT? I mean, I dress in my own style? I take inspiration from a multitude of places and combine all of it into something that fits me. I’ll experiment sometimes but I like to feel like me in whatever I’m wearing.


  1. DO YOU DO YOUR OWN MANI/PEDI OR GO TO A SALON? The salon is fun for a treat once in a while — I’m using that as motivation to stop gnawing on my cuticles so much — but I just do it at home usually. I never get my toes done. As a dancer, I need the calluses that are on my feet and the folks at nail salons don’t seem to understand that.
  2. HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHANGE YOUR NAIL POLISH? I like doing them every 2-3 weeks depending on how long the color lasts and how much I have been picking/gnawing.
  3. DO YOU POLISH YOUR TOES IN THE WINTER, OR JUST IN THE SUMMER? lol I havent painted my toes since August.


  1. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PUT ON YOUR MAKEUP? While I like to think it takes 10-15 minutes, I think my lady would argue it takes closer to 20-25. And that’s on work mornings. If I have a slower morning or if I’m going out, I’ll take longer mostly because I’m being more deliberate, using more, or experimenting.
  2. WHAT DO YOU DO FIRST? FACE OR EYES? Primers first- tinted moisturizer for the face, primer potion for the eyes. But after that has set I go for face.
  3. DO YOU ‘COLLECT’ MAKEUP, OR JUST BUY WHAT YOU NEED WHEN YOU NEED IT? I am becoming a bit more of a collector but I’m trying to keep it to what I need when I need it as much as possible.
  4. HOW OFTEN DO YOU WEAR FALSE EYELASHES? Never ever. I never even used them for dance. Not about that life.
  5. DO YOU DO A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP EVERY DAY? Nope. Depending on the day, I can go as simple as mascara and lipstick all the way up to full face. Depends on what I’m doing, where I’m going, and how I’m feeling. With the new pup in our life, I’m probably going to be doing a full face much less often.
  6. DO YOU WEAR MAKEUP WHEN YOU ARE HOME ALONE OR WITH FAMILY? If I have to get work done from home, I will put make up on because it makes me feel like I am up and ready for the day. Without it, I tend to curl itno a ball and watch Netflix all day. NOT useful when I need to send out rehearsal reports.
  7. WILL YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT MAKEUP? I will and I do all the time. 
  8. HOW MANY HIGH-END PRODUCTS DO YOU HAVE? I’m a fan of drugstore brands but I have some Urban Decay, Sephora, and em cosmetics.
  9. HOW OFTEN DO YOU WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES? Depends on the product I’ve used on them. The brush I use to apply my tinted moisturizer, I wash after every single use. I don’t like the idea of leaving something creamy sitting on a brush. I wouldn’t do that with paint and make-up is no different. Powdery product brushes, though, I’ll wash every week or two.


  1. DO YOU PLAN YOUR ‘OOTD’ EVERY NIGHT OR WHEN YOU ARE GETTING DRESSED? If I have a lot of work going on, I’ll pick clothes out the night before. It’s so much easier for me to get up, throw on already selected clothes, and go about my day. Making decisions is extremely difficult for me at 6:30 in the morning.
  2. HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHANGE YOUR HANDBAG? Not very often. I used the same tote for years before I switched to my current Target handbag.
  3. WHAT TIME DO YOU GET UP AND GO TO SLEEP? Library work days, I’m up at 6:30 (earlier now because we have a pup to walk!), theatre or work from home days, I try to make myself be up between 9 and 10. If I’m particularly struggling with tiredness, I can get up as late as noon. I usually aim to be asleep between 10 and 11.
  4. HOW OFTEN AND WHEN DO YOU WORK OUT? At least once a week though I aim for more (hence the yoga resolution)
  6. HOW TALL ARE YOU? 5’6″.
  7. DO YOU SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE? Very broken Italian.
  8. HOW MANY PETS DO YOU HAVE? Well we just got our pup Zoe and then we also have a betta fish named Alton.


  1. HOW OFTEN ARE YOU ON BLOGGER? Never, as I use WordPress! I’m on for at least an hour per day checking blog stats, reading other posts, responding to comments, etc.
  2. DO YOU READ THE COMMENTS POSTED ON YOUR BLOG? Absolutely every single one.
  3. AS YOU SEE OTHER POSTS, DO YOU KEEP A LIST OF PRODUCTS TO TRY? If by keep a list you mean a mental list that I sometimes remember to shop from then yes.
  4. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR BLOG NAME? That broken Italian? I like using it where I can. The original intent of this blog was to post about style, photography, and food. Which it still mostly is, I’ve just incorporated beauty as well. The title comes from the Italian for those words.
  5. WHAT KIND OF CAMERA DO YOU USE FOR PHOTOGRAPHS? Canon EOS Rebel XS or just my iPhone with the ProCam app.
  6. HOW OFTEN DO YOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE? Anywhere from daily to weekly. I’m a bit of a neatfreak and clutter/mess trigger some anxiety. I’m well known for stress cleaning the entire apartment within a few hours.
  7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? Bright green and bright pink.
  9. DO YOU SWEAR? Like a sailor. I just try to keep it off the internet.
  10. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE REST OF YOUR DAY? Blogging, puppy care, cooking, eating, and rehearsal. Which I just remembered now.


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