Beauty Review: Sonia Kashuk Holiday Limited Edition 10 pc Brush Set


All this make-up acquiring and learning is great and all but without some decent brushes, I’m not going to get anywhere! I found these via a post on Instagram, checked out some other reviews, and decided it was worth the plunge to give what seemed like a pretty good quality, inexpensive brush set a go.


Straight out of the box, I am impressed. These brushes are stunningly beautiful. And soft! All of the brushes feel great with a dry run on my skin. The handles feel comfortable in my hand, they’re neither too long nor too short. Really great. My only initial complaint is that the powder brush and multi-purpose brushes shifted in shipping and caused a weird dent in some of the bristles. After just brushing them over some fabric, though, they popped right back to their original shape.

Not to harp on looks too much but these are so pretty I am storing them in a jar on my desk on display. Because they’re just that nice.

photo (1)

So let’s get to application!


First up is the flat top multi-purpose brush with my Sephora Skin Perfect CC creamΒ in “fair.” The application of this is wonderful. It goes on beautifully. With this brush, I need to use half of what I used to! Extra points for extending the longevity of my make-up.

Some of the reviews of these brushes commented that the brushes shed everywhere. This is the only one I’ve noticed any shedding with and it’s only 1 or 2 bits per application. So I’m saying it’s not that much of an issue.


Next I’m pairing the domed powder brush with em cosmetics shadow play artistic cheek color palette in “coral temptations.”

I love using this brush to apply bronzer and blush. It goes on magnificently. I don’t feel like I need to keep going back to the palette for more product, which is nice. The cheapy brush I was using previously just held onto the product, didn’t apply it. So I had to keep using more and more. This doesn’t hold onto the product at all! Wonderful.

Zoe says "hey, Ma, whatcha doing?!"

Zoe says “hey, Ma, whatcha doing?!”


Time for eyes. I used 4 different brushes for this: blending brush, angled crease brush, domes pencil brush, and eye liner brush with the Naked palette. The combo of brushes is great. It picks up the pigment in the palette wonderfully! I would argue better than the brush that came with the palette.

Overall, these brushes are great. Because the flat top multi-purpose brush does shed a bit, like several reviews have said, I’m going to take away one point. But other than that, I am pleased with everything! Looks, application, etc. They’re great!

Here’s a link to them!Β 

Do you have a favorite brush set? Have you used these? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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