I mentioned before the holidays (very subtly in the caption of a photo to see who was paying attention) that I’m engaged! So here’s a little tag teamed post by both myself and my amazing lady to share the wonderful story.

From Sarah:

At the end of a 4-day weekend that contained Thanksgiving dinner with my family, a nice dinner in with her family, and lots of relaxing lady time, we cuddled up in bed. I was a bit nervous but I don’t think she could tell. I had hidden the ring in question under my pillow while she was out of the room, and now I was ready to pop the question. Just had to set it up.

I asked her what her favorite part of the weekend was, and she told me it was getting to see everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner. When she asked me in return what my favorite part was, I told her, “This right here.”
She was confused, “Just snuggling?”
“No, this,” I replied.
I pulled the box out from under my pillow, opening it up as she asked, “What is that?”
“This is a ring, and I would like to make you my wife.”
She nodded, unable to speak, and hugged me tight. When she figured out how to say words again, I put the ring on her hand and she smiled wide and kissed me.
And now I’m guessing she’ll put in a bunch of pictures of us, so enjoy!
As predicted and promised, here’s “a bunch of pictures of us” mostly featuring the rings. She’s wearing my undergraduate class ring as a placeholder while I ring shop.

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