I have a confession to make- I don’t own a little black dress! I have a little blue dress and I have plenty of little floral dresses, but I don’t have a LBD. You’d think as a stage manager, I would have an entire section in my closet full of them. And you would be wrong.

So when DailyLook reached out to me to share with you guys my LBD look just in time for Valentine’s Day, I was a little confused. How does one style a LBD? What is my LBD style? this is so much pressure at once! But then I started looking at their little black dress collection and the style cogs got to cranking. There’s so many different ways this look could go!

So I started thinking about my Valentine’s Day plans. And remembered that, oh right, I have rehearsal. Sarah and I are going to a night in. But that doesn’t mean I can’t plan an outfit for if we were going out. This would be for a nicer dinner, maybe some sushi at a higher end place.  Or Karyn’s on Green. That wound be delicious. I went with a dress that is simple but has some drama in the skirt. A simple heel. And then glammed it up with that jewelry. I’m having a “I wish clothes I liked on the internet would magically appear in my closet” moment.

Want to check out DailyLook’s awesome collection of Little Black Dresses? Here’s a link!

What is your LBD style? Any exciting Valentine’s Day plans? Share them in the comments!

This post was a collaboration with DailyLook. I did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions above are my own. 

4 thoughts on “The LBD

  1. I love this look you created! I am such an LBD fan. I can’t live without them. 🙂
    Has this post made you want to get an LBD now? 😀

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