Bedroom Details

I have a thing for bedrooms. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being an interior designer so that I could design luxurious bedrooms for people. And in the meantime, I would practice on my own room saving and spending most of my pocket money on things for my room ranging from paper lanterns to net canopies. I did it all. So when I moved out on my own, my first thought was “oh man, I get to design a bedroom!” Obviously, using old furniture and doing what I can on a budget. But still!

We finally got a new bed set. The old one was falling apart and quite old. Already the room feels fresher like spring is on its way! I love keeping the sleeping space soft and simple. A room is not complete without books as far as I’m concerned. And Zoe shares the bedroom with us. So, naturally, there’s some doggy takeover.

Here’s a glimpse into the little details about our bedroom.











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