The Inspiration Series: Wedding Inspo

The Inspiration Series. Every Thursday, get a post filled with images meant to inspire!


With wedding planning slowly taking over, I’m constantly looking for inspiration wherever I can find it. This set of inspiration comes from Style Me Pretty, a wedding blog I am following pretty religiously, as well as the Pintrest board Sarah and I are sharing for inspiration (if you click that link, be warned. there are a lot of ways to incorporate your dog into your wedding. because Zoe WILL be there). Enjoy!

54af396f1e693$!400x 54d5019fa8b40$!400x 087f7a5675852997c892b9c19aba78d6 542b1d465e8c3$!400x 545a8c79ba824$!400x 5420c837f36ed$!400x 542998de8e0f5$!400x 54299949d14b1$!400x 5429994676430$!600x c8288be6ec3e25a1089c8b2aea514814 e1833cae1a31561a3cdc583a995da1a29dc5c908744226a22e452dbbea2af87a

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