Dry Brushing: A review

Now, I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but this winter has been quite a brutal one. And, for those of you who have been reading for a long time, you’ll know that cold weather makes my skin dry out like no other. It’s like the freaking arctic tundra on my legs. All the DIY beauty tricks in the world can only temporarily relieve the issues. A few days later, my skin is back to flaking like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a wonder there’s any left!

I reach a point every winter where I am desperate to try anything. I know spring’s around the corner and with the warmer temps, less dry skin. But it’s not close enough. There’s still several weeks of dry itchiness.

Along comes this blog post by Brooklyn Blonde. My initial reaction is that dry brushing sounds like it would be miserable. Something dry and bristly on my skin? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But my interest was still piqued. And Target had a brush for such purposes for relatively cheap. Can’t hurt to try it. Once again, I’ll try anything at this point.


I followed the instructions in the blog post, brushing in long circular motions always brushing towards my heart. The initial feeling was exactly as I anticipated. Bristly, scratchy, not at all good. After I brushed everywhere, though, I felt invigorated. It was a really nice wakeup for my skin. A pop in the shower, a good scrub to get all the loosened skin cells off, and an application of my favorite lotion to follow. My skin actually, for the first time since it got cold, felt soft, not flaky, and moisturized!


I don’t know that I would do this before every single shower but after several showers using the brush, I’m noticing a marked improvement in the overall dryness of my skin. And it feels much less bristly and scratchy as I get used to it. This has definitely been one of the best solutions to my dry skin that I’ve found!

_MG_7395 _MG_7394 _MG_7398

5 thoughts on “Dry Brushing: A review

    • I tried a scrub glove. It didn’t do enough for me. When I say my skin is dry, I mean that products marketed for “extra dry” skin barely put a dent in my dryness. The brush at least gets the worst of it off. It didn’t take too terribly long- I managed to do my whole body while the shower was getting hot. But you are correct, it isn’t the most pleasant experience, particularly on the first few goes. As I keep doing it, though, my skin is definitely getting used to it to the point I’m [almost] enjoying it!


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