Back in Action



I am such a whiny baby when it comes to being sick. A small case of the sniffles and I instantly become that person walking around with a box of kleenex attached to my hip. But I usually at least tough it out. This entire last week, I was entirely out of commission for most of the week. Friday, though, I finally felt good enough to get out of the house. And go directly to rehearsal for a choir concert. So I celebrated with some bright spring colors!


These ear jackets are my new favorite accessory. I’ve worn them every singly chance I get. They’re sold out (from Purple Peridot!) but I found a similar pair here.


The shoes were initially bought solely for this choir concert. But, come on, look at how great they are. These have been worn way more often. Find them here!


I’m totally cheating with this skirt. It’s actually a dress that I just threw a chambray over the top of. It’f from Forever 21 from like two years ago. Hi-low skirts aren’t even a thing any more but they’re my favorite. So I’m going to continue to wear them.







It feels SO GOOD to be up and out again. Spring has temporarily gone back into hiding but at least it’s definitely on its way.

Earrings || Shoes || Purse || Top (similar) || Necklace

2 thoughts on “Back in Action

    • Thanks!! Feeling so much better, thankfully. Now Chicago just needs to start acting like it’s spring. We got a snowstorm with 4 inches of snow a few days after this shoot!


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