Virgin Hotels, Two Zero Three Coffee House


Right down the street from my work, a new Virgin Hotel has opened up. And with the hotel came this great coffee shop called Two Zero Three — the name comes from their address. They’ve done a spectacular job of hyping themselves right on their building so I was already excited for them to open up. Then Chicagoist and Chicago Eater both hyped the place and I got even MORE excited to find out that it was a coffee and wine bar. Color me interested!

So one day after work but before rehearsal, I decided to stop by for my post-work coffee.

Oh my goodness is this place adorable. The coffee bar is behind these two wooden doors that slide closed so that the coffee is the focus during the day and the wine is the focus during the evening. I got there after they had transitioned to wine but they were more than accommodating making both myself and Sarah our lattes.


The seating area is perfect, too. There’s a few cozy couches, plenty of tables, a long counter, and a bar to sit at. You can sit down and enjoy your wine and cheeses in the evening, lounge with your coffee, or take your caffeination to go. I opted for the to-go cup but sat down for a bit to unwind before going to the insanity of rehearsal.


Beyond having a great atmosphere, the place just has darn good coffee. And at a similar price to Starbucks only without the unnecessary ordering language (no, i definitely meant i want a small, not a tall. shut up), I will definitely be coming back!





P.S. The verdict on the window pane blouse styled three ways was a yes! I’m currently having some technology struggles (read: I spilled on my home computer’s keyboard) so it will be a little bit before those posts happen. But get ready, I am plotting!


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4 thoughts on “Virgin Hotels, Two Zero Three Coffee House

    • It’s so great! And way dangerous that this is down the street from my work. I literally have to walk past there every day from the train to the office. It’s so tempting! I’ve decided to save it for days when I really need an extra special cup of coffee.

      Thanks for stopping by! Always good to hear from you. xx.

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