Easter Dress

_MG_7957I totally get why everyone loves pastels and light floral patterns and stuff for easter but I’m all about bold colors and patterns. So I pulled this Francesca’s dress out of my closet for the celebrations today. It’s from two years ago but continues to be a favorite of mine. Paired with this H&M denim jacket and an Aldo necklace, and we’re all set for a picnic on the beach!


Everyone was looking extra cute today. Check out Sarah’s new haircut!



Zoe loves going for super long beach walks. She gets to run and chase other dogs and some birds! Her little doggy idea of heaven.



Alas, it was a bit too chilly when we finally got out there. So we took our photos, ran Zoe ragged, then came back inside and has our picnic on our living room floor instead.


Happy easter!


11 thoughts on “Easter Dress

    • Well thanks! I put a lot of work into my hair to keep my curls healthy so it’s super nice when someone notices it! I’ll be doing some posts on it in the future. Make sure to check back!
      Thanks for stopping in!


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