Striped Skirt & Spring Flowers


Spring has officially arrived in Chicago enough that flowers are being planted in the beds around downtown. Color me excited! I love all the bright pops of color amid a sea of grey and concrete. It’s a super refreshing change.


I found a code for a free Julep Maven Bridal Box not too long ago and am finally getting to trying out all the awesome colors I received. Look out for a review of the colors coming up soon!


I don’t claim to be a nail artist by any stretch of the imagination but I do try to at least keep my nails as groomed as possible. Which is often difficult given my awful cuticle biting habit.


6 thoughts on “Striped Skirt & Spring Flowers

    • Fun story about this striped skirt.
      So I was in London for the summer in 2013. We traveled to Greenwich, which is a borough of London but is a bit of a trek from central London where we were staying. Wandered into this pop-up shop because it had the cutest tops hanging in the window. And then on a rack of adorable skirts, found this one. It seemed a bit long but was perfect so I took it home. I just had to wear it basically like yoga pants with the top folded because of all the extra material.
      Bout a year and a half later, I was curious and tried to pull the skirt up to see how high it would go. When it reached height of tube dress and suddenly fit a lot better, I realised it was a dress. I had just been wearing it as a skirt. Oops! So now I wear it as both because I can.

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