Lately on Instagram

Things have been crazy over here at Stile.Foto.Cibo! Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to you. Lots of great posts in the work being scheduled. Can’t wait for you all to read them!



Getting ready for the opening party for my show!



This coffee is literally life. Metropolis Coffee Company is where it’s at!



Getting blogging work done!



Shoutout to a previous post. Striped Skirt & Spring Flowers



Keeping it casual but classy in the office



How to turn a Tuesday around.



Decisions, decisions.



Buffalo chickpeas on a bed of spinach greens with hot lemon water. Happy lunch! (blog post for the Chickpeas coming soon)



Celebrated Earth Day by planting succulents and herbs in upcycled teacups and tea tins.



Lazy morning followed by a full day of blogging. Get ready!

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3 thoughts on “Lately on Instagram

    • That was one of the best baths I’ve ever taken, to be honest. That soak was so relaxing.
      I need to actually remember to photograph the chickpeas when I make them to I can write a post about them! I keep forgetting. Maybe I’ll have that for lunch.
      That last photo was coconut yogurt withy chia seeds, agave sweetener, flax meal, and banana slices. So tasty!

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