Things you do differently when you are a dog parent


Having a dog is easily one of the best experiences a person can have (assuming you are a dog person). I’ve been around dogs my whole life. But taking care of the family dog and taking care of your own dog are two entirely different experiences. When that tiny little face wakes you up with a lick and a tail wag so intense it shakes her entire body, you can’t help but have a better outlook on life. Being a fur mom, however, does not come without some drastic life changes.

  1. You shower with the bathroom door open. Just in case.
  2. Muddy pawprints on your favorite jeans are just a fact of life.
  3. Your jacket pockets are now perpetually full of dog treats and poop bags.
  4. You’re not surprised anymore when you find dog hair in weird places.
  5. While you may love the arrangement of your living room, your dog doesn’t so you rearrange the furniture. Again.
  6. When you sit down to eat, you [almost] always set aside a portion of your dinner for your dog.
  7. You totally judge people on the street based on how they react to your dog.
  8. “Sleeping in” means waking up to walk your dog on schedule then going back to sleep.
  9. Your day is now broken up as follows: breakfast time, walk time, play time, cuddle time, nap time, etc.
  10. You are more inclined to give your business to dog-friendly establishments. Anywhere that wants your pooch to come in just as much as they want you to come in is a good place to be.
  11. Cuddle time can often be a full contact sport.
  12. Snapchat becomes a place for you to subject your friends to photos and videos of your dog.
  13. Everything they do is the new cutest thing ever.
  14. Canceling plans because your dog needs you is totally a thing.
  15. Even if they cant talk back, they listen. So you tell them everything.
  16. If their favorite chair has stuff on it, you immediately clear it out so they can sit there instead.

Give your furry friends an extra snuggle and a treat today. They deserve it.





This is Alfie. He's Zoe's best friend.

This is Alfie. He’s Zoe’s best friend.


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