Alex and Ani, Cinco de Meow, and other Animal Benefitting Things!


Lots to cover in a single post! Let’s get to it!

So slightly more than a week ago, I won an awesome Alex and Ani giveaway by the blogger Styled by Blondie. If you’re not following her, make sure to go check her out! It was for a $35 gift certificate which equated to one bangle with shipping and stuff. I ended up going with the Prints of Love Charm bangle. 20% of the sales of this particular bangle go to the ACPCA with a minimum donation of $20,000. So if you’re looking for a gift for the animal over (or mother) in your life, I highly recommend it!


The arrival of the bangle paired just perfectly with an event Sarah and I went to. One of the shelters near us, Felines and Canines, had their annual fundraiser event at this karaoke bar called Trader Todd’s. Walking in, I felt like I had stepped into a Jimmy Buffet song, to give you the overall vibe of the place. I’m not usually the one for these types of places but I actually really loved it!

There was trivia, a raffle, and everything went to benefit this super awesome no kill shelter. While it’s not where Zoe came from, the shelter still holds a special place in our hearts. And Zoe is friends with lots of F&C pups!


So of course we used it as a chance to get dressed up!



And sit around the campfire drinking our margaritas.


Hair shot. Dutch braid.

Hair shot. Dutch braid. (did I mention I dyed my hair? Because that happened, too)


Raffle even worked out in our favor! Sarah won a gorgeous necklace and I won a mani/pedi from a local salon. Details on that soon!




Overall, it was an awesome day to benefit such a great shelter. And sport my Anex and Ani bangle at the same time. All in the name of dogs!


5 thoughts on “Alex and Ani, Cinco de Meow, and other Animal Benefitting Things!

    • I saw their Disney collection online! It’s super cute! I’m eyeing some other Alex and Ani pieces. But in the meantime, enjoying the one I’ve got!


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