Handlebar Restaurant Review

Looking for delicious vegan and vegetarian food in Wicker Park? Look no further than Handlebar! Delicious food, wonderful beer, and killer music make this place a favorite of mine.


A menu chock full of some of my personal favorites including fried pickles and samosas is always a win in my book.

We ordered a few items, all ones we’ve had before and all delicious.


Fried pickles as an appetizer. These are crispy, juicy, and tangy in the most perfect way. The vegan ranch provides a delicious cooling flavor next to the vinegar heat of the pickle.


Sarah got the Seitan sloppy joe. Crumbly seitan in a delicious sauce with a mess of french fries on the side? Can’t go wrong!


The stars of my culinary show, fried avocado tacos. Creamy avocado with a cruncy coating, more of that wonderful vegan ranch, blackbeans, cabbage, pickled onions, and tomato. With a side of salsa verde to keep things extra fresh and delicious. Easily my favorite dish on their menu.


Just look at that work of art.

As it was earlier in the day and I still had a show to run, we didn’t have a sampling of beer but, worry not, our next trip will. Guaranteed.

All of the food served here is absolutely delicious. Many of their dishes can be made vegan- just ask! The atmosphere is wonderfully casual to make for a chill night out. I highly recommend this place!

Learn more about Handlebar on their website.

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