Waterfront Cafe + Triangl Swimwear


Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS here! Hot, a little humid, sunny, and absolutely perfect for grabbing the dog, throwing on a swimsuit, and walking along the waterfront, and stopping at one of my favorite cafes for a late lunch.

Waterfront Cafe is only open during the warmer months in Chicago. Situated on the far north side, the entirely outdoor eating patio offers stunning views of Lake Michigan with a light and refreshing menu of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. They’re even dog friendly!


Which Zoe was clearly a fan of.


“Hey ma, can I have some of those chips?”


We enjoyed some drinks, chips, and guacamole. And this view:


And I declared it perfectly acceptable reason to break out my new Triangl Swimwear Summer Sorbet Poppy Neoprene Bikini.


This thing is perfect. The fit is nice and snug. I actually feel secure in this suit- which is a thing I can’t say for the average bikini.


So then, of course, we used it as an excuse to take some photos. And just as we did, some menacing clouds joined the party. They were less than welcome.




It may have been hot outside but that water was FREEZING!

6 thoughts on “Waterfront Cafe + Triangl Swimwear

    • Well thank ya!
      That might be exactly the reaction I had when I saw another blogger post about Triangl. I think this is going to be the swimwear uniform of sorts for bloggers this summer. It definitely was for spring break, anyway.


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