Julep Sea Salt Texture Spray Review


I am a self declared beach bum. Chicago is not the first place you think when you think beaches, but we have them thanks to the glorious Lake Michigan. When it’s actually warm outside, I’m a big fan of going and laying on the beach with a good book and some great music and just relaxing. The one downside? Lake Michigan is fresh water so “beachy” hair isn’t exactly a thing. You really do need that ocean salt in order to achieve that gloriously messy but still chic look. And Chicago just doesn’t have it.

I’ve tried making my own salt spray before. But that was before I started using Curly Girl. When I made the switch, suddenly my spray wasn’t okay to use anymore. I have searched high and low, tried making my own, and haven’t found any recipes or formulas that worked for my hair.

So when Julep suggested their Sea Salt Texture Spray, I was skeptical. No sprays were every Curly Girl friendly and this one was bound to go the same way.

Per usual, I skimmed the description of the product then clicked to view the ingredients. I honestly didn’t believe that it was actually CG friendly! I searched a whole bunch of different websites double checking the ingredients and, sure thing, this stuff is a-ok for my hair!

So I ordered two. Because when I find a product that works, I hang onto that product for dear life and pray they don’t change the formula ever.

My box came in the mail and I actually squealed a little when I picked it up.

This stuff is fantastic. I use it the morning after a shower (I shower in the evening) as a way to freshen up my curls and give them a little extra love. It adds some glorious body without it being TOO MUCH, it keeps my frizz in check all day. my hair actually feels like I’ve just spent a day at the beach.

The added texture does encourage tangling more than I would like but with a little extra conditioner and some patience in the shower, that’s less of an issue than it could be.

Overall, 8.5/10. I definitely recommend this product.

2 thoughts on “Julep Sea Salt Texture Spray Review

  1. What a great review huni – glad you’re liking it! I’m the opposite, living by the beach I get too much salty beach hair… bathroom is corroded in conditioning products lol Karen xo

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    • Lol! Our beach is freshwater so the biggest issue we have is sand. All the time. Everywhere. And a pup with an affinity for the green plantlife that washes ashore. I can imagine that were we on a saltwater beach, I would have the same problem.

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