Friday Five #1

I’ve been blogging for nearly 9 months now and I definitely still feel how NEW I am sometimes. Like when I go to events or when I’m meeting people. I don’t always know how to behave, I still make a complete fool of myself, I never know what to say, etc. My inspiration is still hardly original and I take many of my ideas from other places.

As I venture further out into the Chicago blogosphere and get to know other people, I’m learning how prevalent a Friday Five series of posts is. With the amount of different blogs I read regularly (70 just on Bloglovin alone!), I find tons of posts that I love, that I’m constantly sharing with people in my life, and that I want to share with you guys now. I don’t know how regular this will be, but I can promise that it will always happen on a Friday. And I’m going to really aim to feature at least 2 posts from other Chicago based bloggers, too.

A Preview of My New Clothing Line by Cupcakes and Cashmere | Everyone knows Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily is wonderful! And this clothing looks equally as wonderful. I don’t know about the rest of you, but these preview shots are driving me crazy. I’m absolutely LOVING the lace trimmed pieces and the fabric swatches. I seriously cannot wait.

Pugs and Patios by Sed Bona | First off, Ashley’s Sed Bona is very quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. like, ever. Second, she’s Chicago based. Which ups the awesome ante. Third, dogs. Part of the excitement of adopting a pup is being able to take her everywhere. Except that Chicago (and most of the US, actually) isn’t as dog friendly as it should be. Frankly, I am of the belief that if you can take your scream toddler somewhere, my quiet dog who will make approximately 99% less mess should be allowed. If only everyone agreed. This patio, however, is super dog friendly! Zoe and I will definitely be taking a trip in the near future.

Another Year by Engineering in Style | Chicago blogger feature #2. I got to meet Katherine a couple of months ago and she is simply wonderful. If you haven’t investigated her blog yet, go! I love super reflective posts that get me thinking about my own life and how I can apply these things to my day. I think my favorite of all of these is #7, Happiness is a decision. It’s a thing I’m still working on.

Tassels and Feathers by Red Soles and Red Wine | And Chicago #3. It’s a Chicago kind of Friday! I first saw this feather jacket on Wendy’s Lookbook and fell in love. And then it showed up again here. I absolutely love the look Jen put together! Make sure to also check out t+j designs, run by her and her sister, Tiffany.

The Last Drops from Jacob’s Creek, Australia by The Londoner | Rosie is, was, and probably forever will be my absolute favorite blog. Talk about life goals. This post is a little bit older but I’m still swoonong over literally everything about it. Wine, oysters, gorgeous views, sunsets, simple morning breakfasts, countryside, and kangaroos. What’s not to love? Australia was already on my travel bucket list. Rosie’s series of Aussie posts have been slowly bumping it up the list, though.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ve got a whole lot of relaxation ahead of me (for once. what?!) before another busy work week.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five #1

  1. That is SO awesome! I, too, am learning a lot about the blogosphere in Chicago as well. Will definitely check out some of these clothing lines!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love learning about different Chicago based bloggers. It’s so much fun to meet people doing such awesome work locally.
      My fiancee just got a t-shirt from t+j designs and it’s wonderful! They get an extra recommendation from the both of us!


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