The Perfect Distressed Denim #skinny_trf


I feel like from the moment you begin blogging, you’re almost required to own a pair of perfectly distressed denim. Whether boyfriend fit or skinny, a pair needs to find its way into your closet at some point. After blogging for 9+ months, I have finally found said perfect pair of jeans at Zara.

distressed denim

It was literally love at first sight. I turned around, saw them sitting there on the rack, and all but screamed with joy. First pair I grabbed was in my size and it was off to the fitting room for me. Absolutely perfectly fitting.

Come home, beautiful.


Absolutely wonderful! They’re comfy, they work with casual outfits but can just as easily be dressed up with a pair of heels and the right top. These have very quickly become the most versatile piece in my closet.

zara trf denim

Now if only I could wear them to work.

Added bonus for the post, stacking rings!

forever 21 stacking rings

I have this problem where my ring size is super small. Like, my engagement ring is a 4.5. I just have suuuper tiny fingers. So stacking and midi rings that should fit higher up on my fingers just don’t. But I’m okay with that. I like having the stacks where they are.

midi rings

I know some of them look really tight in the photos. Let me tell you how toasty warm it was the day we shot these. My fingers were pretty gross all day.

alex and ani bangles

Anyway, back to jeans.

I cannot contain my excitement with these. I’ve been wearing them literally every chance I get.


Going out for dinner? Jeans. Going shopping? Jeans. Dinner with friends? Jeans. I’m in love!

zara trf denim

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Distressed Denim #skinny_trf

    • Ugh. See, neon and I don’t get along. Like at all. I’m convinced you need to have a super tan in order to rock it. And I am pale as pale can be. So I try to avoid anything super neon unless I’m feeling particularly tan.
      The bows are one of my favorites!! super cute girly touch to even a really simple outfit. Forever 21 sometimes has some stellar finds.


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