Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun

jergens natural glow instant sun

I am super pale. Like, glow in the dark level of pale. Which I don’t mind most of the time. Like winter (which is most of the time in Chicago). But then summer rolls around and I’m just not a fan. I am a firm believer that it shouldn’t matter what color your skin is, as long as you are happy in it. And, frankly, being a little bronzed in the summer is exactly what makes me happy!

So I hit the market looking for a sunless tanner that would give me a little bit of color. I contemplated lots of options ranging from drug-store lotions all the way to super high-end sunless tanners. And eventually arrived on this beauty, Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun in light bronze, which seemed like the perfect compromise.

Reviews compared it to St. Tropaz but drug-store. I’ve never tried the brand so I can’t speak to it but this stuff is great!

I primed my skin using my usual sugar scrub, washed my skin, and let myself dry out completely.

I have honestly no idea what or where to acquire a tanning mit even though reviews and the bottle all say to use one. I just used some latex gloves and called it a day. They seemed to work just fine and I already have a huge box around for hair dye. Why buy something when I have the tools right at home?

sunless tanning mousse

On went the gloves and on went the mousse. Sarah had to jump in and help for my back (she’s a trooper). I did whole body, including a tiny half pump on my face. The product says it dries quickly. This is probably true in dehumidified, nicely air conditioned, dry aired environments. But in my apartment, which is in a perpetual state of humid no matter how long I leave the A/C on for, it took a solid 15-20 minutes for absolutely everything to dry. I eventually got impatient and put sweatpants on- they’re a little bit bronzed around the waistband.

Save for it taking a while to dry, the color is great! The product has a light bronzer in it so you can see exactly where it is going. I’m not the best at getting good coverage on my feet and clearly need some practice with that but otherwise, this stuff has done exactly as I wanted- it has given me a light sun-kissed bronze color without making me look fake or overly orange. Initially, I applied it two nights in a row and then switched to every four days. The color has not faded or splotched weirdly. I just definitely need some practice with application.

I give Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun in Light Bronze 8/10!

In other news, I’m JAZZED for Simply Stylist tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to see some of you there! Feel free to come say hi!

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