Julep Elixir Organic Argan Oil Review


Oh, argan oil. You beauty superhero. All hair types love you, everyone raves about you, you are rumored to do magnificent things to hair.

And you do!

I was offered this Elixir Argan Oil product as an add-on to an order from Julep and, at the discount I was getting, I jumped for it. It’s supposed to be really great and this one is actually Curly Girl friendly (Moroccan Oil brand is NOT and therefore I won’t touch it no matter how many people insist it’s amazing).

Initially, I was honestly a little disappointed. This bottle is SMALL and I get a little dropper to use it? I thought “I have too much hair! I’ll use all of this in one go!”

Thankfully not. For the first use, I wanted to just put some on the ends of my hair to see what that would do. I flipped my mane upside down and worked approximately 4 droppers worth of the oil onto my ends. Tied my hair up in a knot and went about making dinner and such. It saturated about 4 inched up my hair both through application and time.

Go in to shower and I can already feel a difference before I’ve even applied my co-wash. Instantly sold. Post-shower but pre-product, I applied one dropper’s worth throughout the bottom half of my hair, mid-mane through ends. Just raked it in like I would a leave-in conditioner.

My ends are usually pretty dry and are the first bit of my hair to show wear and tear. This has breathed new life back into them! The oil I put in post-shower has left some great softness and shine without making my head look greasy.

I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry hair or who just wants to give their locks some extra love.

I’ve heard it’s good for skin and nails as well. I may try it out on my cuticles and see how that works.