Gift Guide for Her Part 1

Stile.Foto.Cibo presents a set of holiday gift guides in collaboration with Fashion Photography by Sarah Levine. Four installments: For Her (part 1), For Her (part 2), For Home, and For Fur. Everything in the guide is under $50 and guaranteed to get great smiles.

For Her, Part 1

Gift Guide for Her by Stile.Foto.Cibo

For the feminine lady in your life, a selection of gifts to help her feel at her prettiest, snuggliest, and overall best.

  1. Pop the Champagne graphic T by t+j Designs – This glamorous shirt will keep her in the bubbly spirit all day long. A locak Chicago brand, t+j Designs
  2. Light on Your Lips Lipstick by Julep in Last Call  – This lipstick is amazing. Bright and colorful, perfect for any occasion!
  3. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso – A book to keep her motivated to continue being the boss she is.
  4. Breakfast Blend Tea in Tin by Fortnum and Mason – Curl up with hot tea and your lady under a blanket to keep the winter chill away.
  5. Glamorous Skater with Turtleneck Dress by ASOS – A little pretty for holiday parties
  6. Gold Dot 17 Month Planner by Kate Spade –  Every lady needs to keep herself organized. With this planner, she can keep your dates written down in style.
  7. Original Tall Cable Knit Welly Socks by Hunter – Keep her feet warm, snuggly, and dry all winter long with these ultra soft and extremely comfortable boot socks that will fit perfectly inside her Hunter boots!

Check back later today for the second installment in the gift guide series!

Fishtail French Braid Updo, Blanket Scarves, and Doggy Debut!


Last weekend, Chicago displayed its most undecided weather and gave us a day of sun and warmth immediately followed by a day of cold, extreme wind, snow, and gross. Conveniently, we decided the warm day would be a good day to take Zoe Dog on an adventure around her new neighborhood. We walked over 2.5 miles, discovered sand, met other dogs, chased squirrels, played in the mud, and had a grand ol’ time. Safe to say, she was exhausted after that adventure.

While Zoe was focused on excitement and play time, I focused a little more on having a comfy day. An oversized t-shirt, pants, and a gigantic scarf were all I needed.


But have you ever had those days where your hair is just really bothering you and it wont listen and you just want it all up and away never to escape again? Because let me tell you. UGH! Sarah loves playing with my hair, though. So we found this wonderful braid tutorial and she set to work. The result? Gorgeous hair that didnt get in my way. At all. Ever. It was marvelous. Though this bun was certainly not made for chasing squirrels. The braids stayed in but the bun was floppy by the time we got home.



When we get into the depths of January into February and everything is gross outside and miserable, I start to really dislike Chicago. Like, this weather is so sporadic. Gorgeous one day, snowing sideways the next. All with the added fun of living right on the water! This was one of those days, though, where I remember that I really do love where I live, even if it’s deeply hidden during the winter months.

But just look at this view. Less than a block away. The Great Lakes are named so for good reason.

_MG_7319Zoe loved having such a long walk. We loved how gloriously tired she was afterward. Everyone wins.





"mooooooooom, stop! you're embarrassing me!"

“mooooooooom, stop! you’re embarrassing me!”

She's a real city girl now. Check out that skyline!

She’s a real city girl now. Check out that skyline!



Scarf: Out of stock. Similar here, here, and here