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It’s been a while since I just rambled on about life on here. If that’s not the kind of post you’re looking for, click away because I’m about to talk (write?) your ear off for a bit. If you’re down, pour a cuppa and get cozy. We’re about to have a little chat.

Getting in touch with Life | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Mental Health

I spent the better part of the first few months this year focusing REALLY HARD on my mental health and was trying to be pretty honest with it here on the blog for you guys. That was going well. I set goals for myself every month and actually accomplished them. Then summer rolled around and I’ve kind of stopped with the goals and stuff but have been maintaining what I started. I’m still drinking tons of water and making my bed and doing some self care for me once in a while. By and large things are going really well. And I’m feeling so much better.

Getting in touch with Life | Stile.Foto.Cibo

One Floppy Ear

I started another blog! I realised that I have lots and lots of things to say about dogs and rescue dogs and my work volunteering with shelters and all these things that it just made sense to have a separate blog for it. It’s called One Floppy Ear, after everyone’s favorite feature of Zoe, and it’s been a blast so far. We’re featuring rescue dogs who are friends or ours, working with doggy brands in Chicago, and so much more. It’s bound to be a wild ride form start to finish and I can’t wait for what it has in store. Check it out!

Getting in touch with Life | Stile.Foto.Cibo


We’re moving at the end of the month! Finally getting away from this less than stellar apartment and moving somewhere in which we can really feel at home and begin our married life. It’s a garden unit in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, a short walk from the Southport shopping district, and just perfect. There’s a second bedroom so I can finally have a dedicated office for blogging. I’m already dreaming of all the decor options and so I’ve started a Pinterest board (and eventually an Insta tag) called Stile.Foto.HOME. You can follow the board here to see all my inspo. I’m sure I’ll do a series of posts once the place starts coming together as well. Keep an eye out!

Getting in touch with Life | Stile.Foto.Cibo


I haven’t done a wedding update in so long that I don’t know if you guys have heard anything! We have so much ready and finalized and we’re mostly working on the little details at this point. Everything is coming together so beautifully and I’m so excited to see the final product. It’s going to be an autumnal dream with deep purples, bright orange, eucalyptus everywhere, and fairy lights for days. I can’t wait to share the photos with you all after the fact!

Overall, things are actually pretty great and I can’t complain at all. Thanks for coming along with me for this crazy ride and thanks so much for all your support through everything.


Rescued by Love shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo

It’s an ill kept secret that I love dogs. But unless you have met me, it might be hard to tell just how MUCH I love them. Until now. This post is going to clear all of that up real quick.

When I initially was going to collaborate with New Leash on Life Chicago for a post, the plan was to do a shoot wearing the shirt above while loving on one of their rescues who needed a home.

Everybody meet Autumn: shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Autumn is the very definition of a love bug. She’s super sweet, has SO MUCH love to give, and it going to give you hugs, snuffles, kisses, and any other form of affection she can to show you much much she loves you.

You’ve probably noticed that we did, in fact, do a shoot with her.

Shortly after the shoot, Autumn met with a potential adopter and the two shared a mutual love so great that Autumn will be doing a Foster to Adopt with her very soon. That basically means she’s going to have a trial period with her potential mom and if it goes well, then she’ll be adopted permanently! Which is easily best case scenario for “When A Good Post Goes Wrong.”

That’s not to say you shouldn’t check out the other amazing pups at New Leash on Life. If you’re in the Chicago area, a dog wanter, and are prepared to become a dog haver, give New Leash a skim and see if your new fur baby awaits.

Now about this shirt. It’s from Not exactly a fashion blogger’s first thought of site when getting new clothes. But the purchase of a t-shirt on their site goes to feed seven rescue dogs.

Which is why I’m hosting a giveaway of this shirt. I am going to purchase a shirt for one lucky winner who also wants to help feed seven rescue dogs! Click the link below to enter.

Super Exciting Giveaway Link! shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo shirt in collaboration with New Leash on Life Chicago | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Shirt |
Sneakers | Target
Necklace | ILYMIX (20% off with code “stile20”)

Photos by Levine-Moore Photo

Alex and Ani, Cinco de Meow, and other Animal Benefitting Things!


Lots to cover in a single post! Let’s get to it!

So slightly more than a week ago, I won an awesome Alex and Ani giveaway by the blogger Styled by Blondie. If you’re not following her, make sure to go check her out! It was for a $35 gift certificate which equated to one bangle with shipping and stuff. I ended up going with the Prints of Love Charm bangle. 20% of the sales of this particular bangle go to the ACPCA with a minimum donation of $20,000. So if you’re looking for a gift for the animal over (or mother) in your life, I highly recommend it!


The arrival of the bangle paired just perfectly with an event Sarah and I went to. One of the shelters near us, Felines and Canines, had their annual fundraiser event at this karaoke bar called Trader Todd’s. Walking in, I felt like I had stepped into a Jimmy Buffet song, to give you the overall vibe of the place. I’m not usually the one for these types of places but I actually really loved it!

There was trivia, a raffle, and everything went to benefit this super awesome no kill shelter. While it’s not where Zoe came from, the shelter still holds a special place in our hearts. And Zoe is friends with lots of F&C pups!


So of course we used it as a chance to get dressed up!



And sit around the campfire drinking our margaritas.


Hair shot. Dutch braid.

Hair shot. Dutch braid. (did I mention I dyed my hair? Because that happened, too)


Raffle even worked out in our favor! Sarah won a gorgeous necklace and I won a mani/pedi from a local salon. Details on that soon!




Overall, it was an awesome day to benefit such a great shelter. And sport my Anex and Ani bangle at the same time. All in the name of dogs!


Things you do differently when you are a dog parent


Having a dog is easily one of the best experiences a person can have (assuming you are a dog person). I’ve been around dogs my whole life. But taking care of the family dog and taking care of your own dog are two entirely different experiences. When that tiny little face wakes you up with a lick and a tail wag so intense it shakes her entire body, you can’t help but have a better outlook on life. Being a fur mom, however, does not come without some drastic life changes.

  1. You shower with the bathroom door open. Just in case.
  2. Muddy pawprints on your favorite jeans are just a fact of life.
  3. Your jacket pockets are now perpetually full of dog treats and poop bags.
  4. You’re not surprised anymore when you find dog hair in weird places.
  5. While you may love the arrangement of your living room, your dog doesn’t so you rearrange the furniture. Again.
  6. When you sit down to eat, you [almost] always set aside a portion of your dinner for your dog.
  7. You totally judge people on the street based on how they react to your dog.
  8. “Sleeping in” means waking up to walk your dog on schedule then going back to sleep.
  9. Your day is now broken up as follows: breakfast time, walk time, play time, cuddle time, nap time, etc.
  10. You are more inclined to give your business to dog-friendly establishments. Anywhere that wants your pooch to come in just as much as they want you to come in is a good place to be.
  11. Cuddle time can often be a full contact sport.
  12. Snapchat becomes a place for you to subject your friends to photos and videos of your dog.
  13. Everything they do is the new cutest thing ever.
  14. Canceling plans because your dog needs you is totally a thing.
  15. Even if they cant talk back, they listen. So you tell them everything.
  16. If their favorite chair has stuff on it, you immediately clear it out so they can sit there instead.

Give your furry friends an extra snuggle and a treat today. They deserve it.





This is Alfie. He's Zoe's best friend.

This is Alfie. He’s Zoe’s best friend.