Easter Dress

_MG_7957I totally get why everyone loves pastels and light floral patterns and stuff for easter but I’m all about bold colors and patterns. So I pulled this Francesca’s dress out of my closet for the celebrations today. It’s from two years ago but continues to be a favorite of mine. Paired with this H&M denim jacket and an Aldo necklace, and we’re all set for a picnic on the beach!


Everyone was looking extra cute today. Check out Sarah’s new haircut!



Zoe loves going for super long beach walks. She gets to run and chase other dogs and some birds! Her little doggy idea of heaven.



Alas, it was a bit too chilly when we finally got out there. So we took our photos, ran Zoe ragged, then came back inside and has our picnic on our living room floor instead.


Happy easter!


Trying to Stick to a Schedule


Being a new blogger, I’m convinced, is more difficult than being a seasoned blogger for one specific reason: scheduling. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really bad about creating and sticking to a schedule.

Like… Yeah, I could have a post Monday Wednesday Friday and schedule them ahead of time and stuff… But what if something post-worthy happens and I get ahead of myself and have a bunch of posts scheduled for, say, the next two weeks? Suddenly I’m inclined to break my schedule in the interestĀ of keeping everything up to date, too. You don’t want to hear about Valentine’s Day in March, after all.

So bear with me while I work on finding a happy medium here. And in the mean time, enjoy this outfit made of a combination of old, new, and borrowed things!

The chambray is brand new. I tried to do a no-spend January. And then found this. Oops. The blazer is several years old from Francesca’s and a favorite of mine. My tried and true leather leggings from Nordstrom Rack, and an arm party featuring a bracelet of my lady’s (the big circles one). Throw in a pair of booties and I’m good to go!