Handmade Infinity Scarves


I’m a sucker for handmade items. If you took the time to create something, I am going to take the time to wear it, share it, and tell the world where it came from. Craft fairs are a dangerous place for me as direct result of this. A friend of mine who knits has deemed me “knit-worthy” meaning someone who is worthy of random gifts of yarn because I get properly excited and fully understand and appreciate the time and energy it took to create said item.

So when a co-worked and friend, Francine, said that she was selling her handmade infinity scarves, I jumped right on board! Gorgeous material, light enough to wear all year round, and in too many patterns to count. Each of her pieces is unique- she tries to avoid using the same fabric for multiple scarves unless she really liked how the finished product turned out.


This particular polka dot piece was one of my favorites. Simple, relatively neutral, and a nice way to make a statement on a more neutral outfit. It’s not quite warm enough to to incorporating this scarf into my everyday wardrobe — this shoot was done specifically to share the scarf with you all — but I cannot wait for warmer temperatures to wear it more often!



Let me take a moment to talk about these shoes.

They’re old. Like, real old. Like, I got these shoes in high school and they disappeared into the depths of my closet at my dad’s place level of old. And somehow, they still fit. Needed some dusting off but, generically, still a pretty solid shoe. So I took them out for a spin.

We went on a walk to a nearby cafe that had vegan pastries. Yum! When I say nearby, I mean maximum 4 blocks. So there and back a total of 8 blocks.

Now, I remember these shoes being pretty decent. Not the best but there are certainly worse shoes for comfort levels out there. So I didn’t add any extra foot protection. No tights or extra cushion or anything.

That was a pretty massive shoe mistake, let me tell you. In the time it took us to get to the cafe and back home, a nasty blister had formed and popped.

Mind, I didn’t notice right away. You know, just walking along, minding my business. The shoes are a bit uncomfortable but I haven’t worn them in approximately a decade. So that’s just going to happen. Didn’t notice until later when I went to give Zoe a bath (she had rolled in her own mess. good job, pup) and suddenly my foot is on fire.

So as cute as those shoes are, they are returning to the depths of the closet for a while. Unless someone has some magic trick to make apparently really blistery shoes suck less.


But these vegan scones? Definitely worth the pain of the walk. Oh man were they good.

Bonus Zoe photo!

Bonus Zoe photo!

If you’re interested in contacting Francine to get your own hand made unique infinity scarf in nearly any print you can imagine, she can be reached at sewyouhavequestions [at] yahoo [dot] com.

This post was a collaboration with Francine Davis of sewyouhavequestions [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks for supporting Stile.Foto.Cibo collaborations!