Tortoise Glam

ILYMIX Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace | Stile.Foto.Cibo

I’ve been feeling in a rut lately. I couldn’t even begin to describe it if I wanted to, though. It’s this restlessness as though I’m waiting for a million things to happen and none of them can happen yet. Which, to be fair, there are a bunch of things waiting to happen (read: wedding. October. ahh!) but there feels like more lately. I blame this Chicago spring. I’m ready for it to be warm and sunny but we have to make a pit stop at chilly and rainy first and I’m just not about it.

Mental health goal for April is run. I’ve got Couch to 5k on my phone, I’ve got a plan, I’m ready to go! Let’s see if I actually stick to it. So far, everything has been going well. I just need the weather to snap into summer and I’ll be good to go!

This necklace is from a site called ILYMIX. They have amazing statement necklaces and stacking rings and so much more. And if you use code “stile20” at checkout, you get 20% off your shiny new pieces! Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I’ve loved the quality of everything I’ve worn so far so I can solidly say they’re great.

Disclaimer: I received this piece and two others for promotion.

ILYMIX Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace | Stile.Foto.Cibo

ILYMIX Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace | Stile.Foto.Cibo

ILYMIX Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace | Stile.Foto.Cibo

ILYMIX Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Necklace | ILYMIX (20% off with code stile20)
Ostrich Feather Top | T+J Designs (similar here and here)
Slacks | Forever 21
Shoes | Topshop, old


BeBuddha Jewelry Launch Party

be buddha jewelry launch party

Let me tell you about my new favorite jewelry company: Be Buddha Jewelry! Their manifesto is “outer piece for inner peace” and the jewelry reflects this! The different stones and symbols used in the jewelry all reflect different human facets including creativity, calmness, etc. The colors in these hand made pieces are absolutely stunning and range from basic golds to vibrant teals and pinks- and everything in between!

be buddha jewelry tassel earrings

be buddha jewelry tassel bracelets

be buddha jewelry launch party

be buddha jewelry launch party

I was lucky enough to be invited to the website launch party by Erin, founder and owner, herself. We met at a runway event a little while back and got to talking about the jewelry she was wearing there. Come to find out she had made it was was working on launching her website! Color me excited. So when she invited me to the launch party, I of course said yes!

be buddha jewelry launch party

be buddha jewelry launch party #bebuddhaLAUNCH

be buddha jewelry launch party

The event was held at Gino’s East on the third floor in their Comedy Bar. Drinks, a henna artist, DJ, live music, snacks, and, of course, the jewelry. This was my first time getting to really see all of Erin’s work up close. It’s fantastic! Some of the pieces photographed here are my favorites, particularly the necklace below. I’m in love with this spiky trend in jewelry right now so, naturally, I’m fawning all over anything with spiky beads.

be buddha jewelry necklace

be buddha jewelry launch party

All of the pieces were amazing but I ended up picking only one pair of earrings, pictured. I absolutely love them! They’re a great statement without being too much and without being heavy, even though they look it.

be buddha jewelry base collection london spike earrings

be buddha launch party

The whole party was great time and it was so nice to celebrate this super exciting time for Erin. Make sure to check out Be Buddha Jewelry!

Check back Wednesday for my outfit details from the day.

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Akkad Jewelry

Have you ever been sitting in a work meeting and your mind wanders a bit and you start observing everyone else in the room? I do it more often than I care to admit. I tend to pay attention to what everyone else in the office is wearing. As it’s a very mixed dress office (level of formality in attire is based on your department), I like seeing what everyone wears. I spied a gorgeous watch on the arm of our CEO’s secretary. Nice and chunky, rose gold, sparkly bits everywhere.

The meeting ended and I made a bee line for her. We haven’t talked too much and I’m not entirely certain she remembered who I was but she was thrilled that someone noticed her watch. She said it was by Akkad Jewelry. I’d never heard of them before so the moment I had some downtime at my desk, I did some researching. I couldn’t (and still can’t) find any info on the designer himself save for his photo on the page linked above.

The watch she had was no longer online and the only one available is a bit too glitzy for my tastes as is most of his collection. Still, I could see one piece acting as a statement combined with a neutral outfit.

akkad-angel-in-blue-leaf-design-bangle-bracelet-d-20140805123942853~363522 akkad-castillo-clear-crystal-goldtone-hoop-earrings-d-20130311180539667~231545





Images: Akkad Jewelry on

What I’m Wanting #1



Fall is fast approaching its end and I’m starting to plan for colder weather and everything that goes with it. That includes changes in what make-up I’m using, different nail colors, different skincare, and an excuse to find new accessories.

1) Bag– I have this problem wherein I never actually go shopping for purses. I have one cross-body bag that was a birthday gift ages ago and doesn’t hold much and then I have this old Harry Potter print tote bag that I’ve been carrying around for years. I’ve been slowly developing a crush on this bag from Target, though. It’s reasonably priced (part of the reason I haven’t gone purse shopping in literally years) and it actually seems to hold a fair amount of stuff. With my theatre work, I need something that can hold a 1-2 inch binder without being too much of an inconvenience. This one looks like it might do the trick!

2) Watch– The big chunky watches that everyone seems to be wearing are growing on me. Add to that a quickly growing love of this rosey gold color and this watch seems right up my alley. Alas, I have incredibly tiny wrists. Most watches and other wrist wear doesn’t fit me and I often find I’m relegated to children’s sizes as even the smallest adult size is usually falling off my wrist or won’t stay in place. Maybe with a little luck and a lot of hunting, I can find something similar to fit me.

3) Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette– I’m a bit newer to the make-up game. My cousin introduced me to the Naked line of palettes and this one seems absolutely perfect! Its cost is a wee bit out of my price range right now but maybe the holidays will bring the ability to invest in this.

4) Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser Scrub– I’m a sucker for scrubs, particularly in winter. I’ve mentioned several times I have really dry skin? That means a diligent scrubbing regime once the temperature drops outside.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this scrub and I love Lush. While I usually make my own scrubs at home, this one seems like one I will be trying in the near future.

5) Necklace– I love the chunky gold chain necklaces that have been making appearances everywhere. I haven’t wanted to commit to one just yet but winter- when bolder looks can be experimented with- seems like as good a time as any. With the ongoing relationship I have with Nordstrom Rack, this one seems as good as any!

6) Essie nail colors 1 & 2– I love deep nail colors for the colder weather. They match all the darker hues everyone is wearing. And with the love I have found for essie, these two colors are just perfect!

7) Lipstick- As with nail color, I like playing with darker makeup as things get colder. I’ve always been a little afraid to commit to a deep shade of lipstick. Perhaps this is the season it will happen.