Gift Guide for Her Part 1

Stile.Foto.Cibo presents a set of holiday gift guides in collaboration with Fashion Photography by Sarah Levine. Four installments: For Her (part 1), For Her (part 2), For Home, and For Fur. Everything in the guide is under $50 and guaranteed to get great smiles.

For Her, Part 1

Gift Guide for Her by Stile.Foto.Cibo

For the feminine lady in your life, a selection of gifts to help her feel at her prettiest, snuggliest, and overall best.

  1. Pop the Champagne graphic T by t+j Designs – This glamorous shirt will keep her in the bubbly spirit all day long. A locak Chicago brand, t+j Designs
  2. Light on Your Lips Lipstick by Julep in Last Call  – This lipstick is amazing. Bright and colorful, perfect for any occasion!
  3. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso – A book to keep her motivated to continue being the boss she is.
  4. Breakfast Blend Tea in Tin by Fortnum and Mason – Curl up with hot tea and your lady under a blanket to keep the winter chill away.
  5. Glamorous Skater with Turtleneck Dress by ASOS – A little pretty for holiday parties
  6. Gold Dot 17 Month Planner by Kate Spade –  Every lady needs to keep herself organized. With this planner, she can keep your dates written down in style.
  7. Original Tall Cable Knit Welly Socks by Hunter – Keep her feet warm, snuggly, and dry all winter long with these ultra soft and extremely comfortable boot socks that will fit perfectly inside her Hunter boots!

Check back later today for the second installment in the gift guide series!

Julep Rethink Your Shower Review

julep rethink your shower

For as much attention as I pay to my hair, face, and nails, I don’t give nearly enough love to the rest of my body. This month’s Julep Maven box gave me a chance to give my skin some serious love, though. As part of their July – Drenched collection, Rethink Your Shower Hydrating Body Cleaning Oil takes showering to a whole new level. Using a combination of oils to cleanse and hydrate your skin, this oil is easily my new favorite shower buddy.


I’m gonna start out with the negatives before hitting the positives to end on a high note.

My biggest negative is the packaging, honestly. The bottle gets super slick in the shower and the pump has been sticking like crazy (at least for me) to the point I need to rest it on a flat surface, use both hands to pump, and somehow make it all end up on the loofa. Not ideal.

I also need a lot to cleanse my entire body. I need 10 pumps to have a successful shower.


But now the positives!

This cleansing oil feels really nice on my skin. Where regular shower gels that contain harsh sulfates to cleanse my skin often leave my skin feeling dry and stiff, this just leaves me feeling fresh and clean! The combination of the grape seed oil and coconut oil (along with some other great ingredients) smells amazing.

I got over a thick and rich lather equaling clean a LONG time ago — right when i stopped using shampoo — so I’m totally okay with this not having a super rich lather. It’s actually one of my favorite parts. Bubbles are not equal to clean. It’s entirely about how your skin feels. And with this, my skin feels clean and hydrated!

The product itself I give 8/10. The packaging gets only 2.



Julep Sea Salt Texture Spray Review


I am a self declared beach bum. Chicago is not the first place you think when you think beaches, but we have them thanks to the glorious Lake Michigan. When it’s actually warm outside, I’m a big fan of going and laying on the beach with a good book and some great music and just relaxing. The one downside? Lake Michigan is fresh water so “beachy” hair isn’t exactly a thing. You really do need that ocean salt in order to achieve that gloriously messy but still chic look. And Chicago just doesn’t have it.

I’ve tried making my own salt spray before. But that was before I started using Curly Girl. When I made the switch, suddenly my spray wasn’t okay to use anymore. I have searched high and low, tried making my own, and haven’t found any recipes or formulas that worked for my hair.

So when Julep suggested their Sea Salt Texture Spray, I was skeptical. No sprays were every Curly Girl friendly and this one was bound to go the same way.

Per usual, I skimmed the description of the product then clicked to view the ingredients. I honestly didn’t believe that it was actually CG friendly! I searched a whole bunch of different websites double checking the ingredients and, sure thing, this stuff is a-ok for my hair!

So I ordered two. Because when I find a product that works, I hang onto that product for dear life and pray they don’t change the formula ever.

My box came in the mail and I actually squealed a little when I picked it up.

This stuff is fantastic. I use it the morning after a shower (I shower in the evening) as a way to freshen up my curls and give them a little extra love. It adds some glorious body without it being TOO MUCH, it keeps my frizz in check all day. my hair actually feels like I’ve just spent a day at the beach.

The added texture does encourage tangling more than I would like but with a little extra conditioner and some patience in the shower, that’s less of an issue than it could be.

Overall, 8.5/10. I definitely recommend this product.

Julep Elixir Organic Argan Oil Review


Oh, argan oil. You beauty superhero. All hair types love you, everyone raves about you, you are rumored to do magnificent things to hair.

And you do!

I was offered this Elixir Argan Oil product as an add-on to an order from Julep and, at the discount I was getting, I jumped for it. It’s supposed to be really great and this one is actually Curly Girl friendly (Moroccan Oil brand is NOT and therefore I won’t touch it no matter how many people insist it’s amazing).

Initially, I was honestly a little disappointed. This bottle is SMALL and I get a little dropper to use it? I thought “I have too much hair! I’ll use all of this in one go!”

Thankfully not. For the first use, I wanted to just put some on the ends of my hair to see what that would do. I flipped my mane upside down and worked approximately 4 droppers worth of the oil onto my ends. Tied my hair up in a knot and went about making dinner and such. It saturated about 4 inched up my hair both through application and time.

Go in to shower and I can already feel a difference before I’ve even applied my co-wash. Instantly sold. Post-shower but pre-product, I applied one dropper’s worth throughout the bottom half of my hair, mid-mane through ends. Just raked it in like I would a leave-in conditioner.

My ends are usually pretty dry and are the first bit of my hair to show wear and tear. This has breathed new life back into them! The oil I put in post-shower has left some great softness and shine without making my head look greasy.

I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry hair or who just wants to give their locks some extra love.

I’ve heard it’s good for skin and nails as well. I may try it out on my cuticles and see how that works.

Striped Skirt & Spring Flowers


Spring has officially arrived in Chicago enough that flowers are being planted in the beds around downtown. Color me excited! I love all the bright pops of color amid a sea of grey and concrete. It’s a super refreshing change.


I found a code for a free Julep Maven Bridal Box not too long ago and am finally getting to trying out all the awesome colors I received. Look out for a review of the colors coming up soon!


I don’t claim to be a nail artist by any stretch of the imagination but I do try to at least keep my nails as groomed as possible. Which is often difficult given my awful cuticle biting habit.