Tis the season for giving thanks and showing gratitude. As a librarian in a small research library inside of a corporation, I don’t often get much traffic. We have maybe one outside visitor per month. This past August, however, we had a researcher who came in every single day throughout the month. He arrived shortly after we did in the mornings and left with us at night. I helped him find a multitude of books and reshelved more than I can count. He was very kind and always incredibly thankful for any help we could offer him.

When I was checking the mail earlier this week, we had a package from him. It contained a very sweet letter thanking us for making his vacation to Chicago productive and for letting him use the library for so long. And included a signed copy of his book.

Because of my work environment, I don’t get nearly as many “pay off” moments as, say, public librarians. So when I do have them, they mean infinitely more. I’m incredibly thankful for kind visitors this season. And now we have a new book for our collection!


Here’s hoping everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re hosting so we’re super busy today! Lots of cooking, cleaning, and decorating to be had. Extra fun, it’s a vegan Thanksgiving we’re hosting. The featured image is a sneak peek at my tablescape. Details and stories from the day next week. Make sure to check back!


What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? What are you most thankful for today?