Beauty Review: Urban Decay Naked



Christmas sort of because the Christmas of Urban Decay. Lots of make-up and fun things to try out. I’ve entirely revamped how I do my make-up now and it’s wonderful! So I’m going to share with you lot what I’ve been doing and sort of review this palette. I know it’s already popular and everyone loves it but let’s call me basically brand new to make-up and reviewing it from that perspective.

I’ve been doing my makeup the exact same way since high school. nobody ever told me it was bad so i never saw any reason to change it. But now that I’m immersing myself into the world of blogging, I’m learning a lot about beauty and make-up and skin care. I’m really excited to try out the stuff I’m learning and share it. While I haven’t yet delved into the world of anything beyond eyes and lips (foundation, bronzer, and blush still baffle me), I still have plenty of things to experiment and try.

So I first started with the eyeshadow primer. Which I never knew was a thing. But this stuff it awesome. It creates a nice base for applying eyeshadow to that prevents weird creasing throughout the day and helps the shadow last even longer. I may have accidentally (read: was too lazy) left my makeup on overnight and most of the shadow was still right where I left it. Which meant good things for the cleanliness of my pillow. But I digress.


So smear on the primer potion. You don’t need a lot. This stuff is SUPER thick. I only used this much:


That’s it. per eye. Smeared from brow line all the way to lash line and a teeny little bit under my eye. Let that set up for 10 minutes.


It doesn’t look like anything. There are some that are tinted and some that will even out tone. This one sort of dies that but it’s such a thin layer that it doesn’t do that much. If I’m getting ready in the morning, I will put the primer on and then go get dressed. By the time I go to finish my look, it’s al set up and good to go.

Next up is the shadow itself. I used the following colors:


1 (sin) went on brow bone and inner corners. 2 (sidecar) went on crease. 3 (smog) goes down to the lash line and on under eye. 4 (darkhorse) goes in the outer corners.


Yay shadow! This stuff is great. It’s super pigmented. The shimmer colors aren’t so shimmery i can’t wear them to work but are still perfect for a night out. The matte colors are awesome. I have been experimenting with a whole range of colors in this palette. I keep to the lighter side when I’m going to work and play with the entire range when I’m going out using everything from the very light end all the way to the darkest shades.

Add some eyeliner. I have been using the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Ink which is this gorgeous deep navy. I do it above my upper lash line and on my bottom water line.

Follow that up with two coats of mascara¬†and I’m good to go!


What are your favorite eyeshadows? Any make-up tips for a newbie? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


What’s in my Make-Up Bag?


I’ve seen a fair number of bloggers do a post about what they have in their make-up bag. I figured I’d share what’s in mine, too! Much of what I use has not changed in a very long time though as I immerse myself into the world of style and beauty a bit more thoroughly, I find I am learning new things and finding the ability to apply new tips and techniques. I’m hoping to be able to update all of this periodically.


Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Sparkling Black– It took me a very long time and lots of raccoon looks to figure out the glory of waterproof eyeliner. So much of my smudging came from watery eyes that slowly made the eyeliner begin to look smoky and, eventually, just bad. This waterproof stays in place beautifully. As it’s sparkling black it adds a little bit of glittery oompf to even the most mundane of days.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Mascara in Black– I may have a biiiiit of an obsession with Rimmel in case that wasn’t already clear. As far as drug store cosmetics are concerned, it’s wonderful. This mascara is no exception to that rule. Once again with the waterproof, it has prevented me from looking like a raccoon time and time again. And stayed in place through some more emotional moments. I love the volume this gives my lashes. It’s great!


The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in 210 Bronze Bliss– Oh man do I love this color. I’ve been using coppery colors on my lids for longer than I care to admit. I love what it does to my eyes, though. The copper really makes them pop in a magnificent way. Hands down my favorite color ever. And the wear on this particular shadow is amazing! It lasts all day. I like to brush this over my entire lid (after putting a touch of a lighter shade in the corners of my eyes) as well as dab underneath my eyes both for a different pop of color as well as a way to make my eyeliner stay in place. Tip: Put on the bottom liner first and then the eyeshadow brushing upwards towards the eye, it will help set the liner and prevent raccoon eye!


essie Nail Color Merino Cool– Love this color so much! I’m falling more and more in love with this brand of nail polish every day. The colors are so incredibly rich. It’s wonderful. This was totally my Thanksgiving color. It’s a fantastic fall neutral.


The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick 335 Hot Date– This is one of my absolute favorite lip colors. It goes on so smooth and lasts a good long while. I don’t find myself running to the bathroom to reapply this stuff all night. Just once or twice. I have been using it with my favorite fall colors and for more than just a night out. Because sometimes a pop of lip color can make Tuesday afternoons a little less mundane.


Forever 21 Love and Beauty Creme Lipstick Firey Red– Talk about statement make-up. For someone who doesn’t wear lip color very often, this is a great way to stand out. I love saving this one for more special occasions. It’s a wonderful color. It goes on smooth and stays on pretty well. I’m reapplying this one more often than the Body Shop but I still love it.


Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in Black– I picked this up back in 2013 when I visited the UK for a spell. It’s easily my favorite piece in my bag. It goes on so smoothly and, frankly, helped eliminate my fear of liquid eyeliner. I love using this to jazz up my regular make-up routine for parties and things. And it makes getting that lovely winged eye look so easy. It’s definitely a special occasion only piece, though, as it’s from such a special trip. I don’t know that I can find the brans here in the states! Clearly, I need to amke a trip back to the UK just to get eyeliner ;]


The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner– You all know how I feel about this lip staple. It’s my base for lipsticks, my go-to before stepping into the cold. It is my favorite lip treatment of them all.

Classic Chapstick- I use this guy as a top coat of sorts for my lipstick. I find it helps everything stay in place and just gives an extra layer of protection on my lips from the cold outside in the winter.

What are some of your favorite products? Do you use any of these? What recommendations do you have?