Playing Tourist in My Own City

Pritzker Music Pavilion

It is a poorly kept secret that I hate tourists and I hate crowds. And yet, for some bizarre reason, I work right in the heart of tourist land.¬†As with every summer, as soon as the weather begins to warm up, I find myself surrounded by them simply trying to get to and from the train when it’s time to commute.

And yet despite my dislikes, when I find myself with some time to kill after work, wonderful early evening sun, and pleasant temperatures, I play tourist a little bit. After all, when you can see Millennium Park from your lunchroom, you’re tempted to go and play literally all day.

Gotta feed that temptation.

So off I wandered on Wednesday to go enjoy the solace from the hustle and bustle that is rush hour in the Loop.

Barefoot in Millennium Park

Kicked my shoes off, walked through as much grass as I possibly could (because being barefoot in the grass is literally the thing I look forward to every single year), and meandered my way through the peaceful gardens.

Chicago Bean Selfie

Cloudgate Sculpture

The gardens are at the east end of the park, back past the big music pavilion and well beyond the fountains and the Bean. Most tourists don’t make it back there and, thus, the flowers can actually get some peace and quiet.

#ootd selfie

Some shameless photo taking naturally had to happen before I could really kick back and relax.

Steve Madden d'Orsay Leopard Flats Target Purse

But eventually I dropped my things, dipped my feet in the water, and kicked back.

Chicago Skyline

The views throughout the park are stunning. It’s almost surreal being surrounded by towers of glass and steel while you sit among flowers and birds.