Mudderella Chicago 2015

Mudderella Chicago Team

So remember I said I was running the Mudderella? Yep, it happened.

Before we talk about this year, let me tell you about last year. There was sun, it was probably in the upper 60’s, lower 70’s. We came, we saw, we conquered. We were a team of 4 and we KILLED IT.

This year, it was in the mid 50’s at its warmest, rainy, and MUDDY.

I know, i know. I signed up for a mud run and I’m complaining about the mud. Well, let me explain you a thing.

The entire course, not just the obstacles and occasional mud pits, was a mud slick. People were slipping and falling all over the place. The act of running was difficult and, in some places, dangerous. Not the end of the world, it forced us to pace ourselves and take our time.

For those of you who follow on Instagram, you may have noticed my post stating that some muscles seized up and I had to call for a medic. I swear, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I have really tight leg muscles all over the place from an old hip injury. If I don’t keep them warm, relaxed, and properly cared for, they seize up and then things like¬†lifting my leg to walk hurt. I really wanted to keep going but rain + mud + shivering meant that wasn’t an option.

The nearly 4 miles I did was pretty awesome, though!

Always my favorite obstacle is called Down to the Wire. It was the first one for the last two years. Pit of mud, wire threaded low over it. Crawl through said pit of mud under the wires. It’s 100% guaranteed to make everyone super muddy right from the get-go. More of a jump right in approach than a gradual wading into the mud approach.

Down to the Wire | Mudderella Chicago 2015

Among other obstacles were “Break the Glass Ceiling” which involved crawling under a net, “New Heights” which was a plywood wall you had to climb over, “Wheels in Motion” going from tire to tire not falling off, “Tough Ta Tas” climbing up and over a wall with a rope, “Skinny Jeans” sliding down a tube into a puddle of mud, and “Hat Trick” which was a running jump off of a springboard onto a net ladder, climb to the top, slide down a huge ramp into a pool of water, run to the finish line.

While tapping out sucked and I didn’t get to finish, I still enjoyed what I did get to do! Just gotta prepare for next year better, right?¬†Time to start stretching those legs out now.

Team TARDIS | Mudderella Chicago