My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

As with most people, what I’m using on my body varies from season to season. While I opt for exclusively heavy-moisture products in the winter and pumpkin spice scented everything in the fall, summer is when I spend some time experimenting with my favorites. It’s the perfect time to see what my skin and I both like, have a little fun, and see what’s new on the market!

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser, White Tea and Vitamin E

With dry skin all year round, I need a face cleanser that specifically states it won’t over-dry. If it isn’t oil free, all the better. This cleanser has been a lifesaver and I’ve definitely noticed a new brightness in my skin. It smells AMAZING and feels great to boot. I don’t think it will be my winter cleanser and it still occasionally leaves my skin feeling a little tight in places but it’s awesome for these hot summer days. So refreshing.

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream

I got this as a sample at Lush in the Park in early May. I watched them make it and immediately fell in love with the straight up fresh ingredients. They just squeezed mandarins right into the mix to give it that amazing scent and freshness! And in-shower it’s so great. The cocoa butter gives it this silky quality that makes it feel way more luxurious than it actually is. And with continued use, I’ve noticed a huge difference on overall softness. Those nasty scaly bits that formed from winter? They’re gone! And it leaves the whole darn shower smelling so great for hours after.

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Ouidad Botanical Boost

I adore this spray. It’s super great for my hair regardless of if I’m blowing it our or letting my curls run wild. It gives my hair that little extra oomph it needs to not go all over the place in Chicago’s darn-near-famous humidity and keeps me feeling fresh and REfreshed every single time I use it. So great!

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

MyBurberry Eau de Toilette

I posted about getting this amazing scent but I haven’t updated you guys since. It’s been so so excellent. I love the fresh and citrus notes to it and just how perfect it is for warm weather. I’ve been spraying it everywhere, too. My outfit for the day, my hair, and every single pulse point. I’m so obsessed with this scent I would bathe in it if I could. I didn’t think it was possible to love a scent so much but here we are. [swoon]

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

essie figi nail polish

If high school me could look at current me, she would be disappointed. And it wouldn’t be for career or life or love reasons. It would simply be for the sheer amount of pink in my life. Confessions, I was my high school’s token goth kid, Tripp brand pants and all. Black was my dominant color along with red, line green, and orange. And yet here I am, so many years later, running a freaking style blog and telling you all how much I absolutely adore this soft pink nail polish. But for real, this color is amazing. And you all know how great of a brand essie is. They’re the bomb!

My Favorite Beauty Products, Summer 2016 | Stile.Foto.Cibo

Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I feel like every blogger ever has used this lotion. It’s such a beauty staple but that doesn’t change how much I absolutely adore it. I love the light color it gives and, honestly, I love the scent of it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is how long it can sometimes take to dry. Orange tinted sheets are not cute, guys. But such is life. Just means I won’t be snapchatting (@dannie54) in my bedroom until laundry day. Seriously, this is perfect to build that light glow, especially until I can spend a few days of dedicated bum time at the beach.

My beauty regime isn’t that at all. I don’t spend hours in front of a mirror primping. I usually wake up most mornings, half-assedly throw on some mascara, and book it out the door. If I’m being completely honest, I forget to wash my face before bed more often than I remember. And I do my nails with alarming infrequency. But when I do take the time to spend some time, this is what I’m reaching for. All the time, every time.

What are your favorite products? Give me the deets in the comments and I just might feature them next time!


Holiday Nails!

Inspired by Ladies and Lace’s Festive Nails post, here’s my holiday nails!


They definitely did not turn out as nice as I wanted but I will get into the details of that a little later on.

I used a shimmery red polish and a shimmery silver for this. Additional hardware includes top coat and masking tape.

Start with your base coat and two coats of the red. Make sure this dries thoroughly. You could even let it go overnight if you really wanted, just to make sure it’s really completely dry.


Next, I used masking tape to mark where I wanted the line of the silver to go. This was where part of my mistake was. Rip the tape in half length-wise so you can use both flat edges and have much less tape to manage around your fingers. The full width made it extremely cumbersome and hard to work with. It also did not stick to my nails as thoroughly as I wanted it to- presumably because it was so big.


Add two coats of your color block. Again, I used a shimmery silver.


Wait for the silver to dry COMPLETELY before removing the tape. This was my other big mistake. I got really impatient and tried to take the tape off and it just smeared everything. Of the 4 nails I did this to, I only had one really clean line.

Once the silver is completely dry and you have removed the tape, add your topcoat and you’re good to go. Holiday nails!

Yep, that's an engagement ring. Saving that bit for a future post!

Yep, that’s an engagement ring. Saving that bit for a future post!

What I’m Wanting #1



Fall is fast approaching its end and I’m starting to plan for colder weather and everything that goes with it. That includes changes in what make-up I’m using, different nail colors, different skincare, and an excuse to find new accessories.

1) Bag– I have this problem wherein I never actually go shopping for purses. I have one cross-body bag that was a birthday gift ages ago and doesn’t hold much and then I have this old Harry Potter print tote bag that I’ve been carrying around for years. I’ve been slowly developing a crush on this bag from Target, though. It’s reasonably priced (part of the reason I haven’t gone purse shopping in literally years) and it actually seems to hold a fair amount of stuff. With my theatre work, I need something that can hold a 1-2 inch binder without being too much of an inconvenience. This one looks like it might do the trick!

2) Watch– The big chunky watches that everyone seems to be wearing are growing on me. Add to that a quickly growing love of this rosey gold color and this watch seems right up my alley. Alas, I have incredibly tiny wrists. Most watches and other wrist wear doesn’t fit me and I often find I’m relegated to children’s sizes as even the smallest adult size is usually falling off my wrist or won’t stay in place. Maybe with a little luck and a lot of hunting, I can find something similar to fit me.

3) Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette– I’m a bit newer to the make-up game. My cousin introduced me to the Naked line of palettes and this one seems absolutely perfect! Its cost is a wee bit out of my price range right now but maybe the holidays will bring the ability to invest in this.

4) Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser Scrub– I’m a sucker for scrubs, particularly in winter. I’ve mentioned several times I have really dry skin? That means a diligent scrubbing regime once the temperature drops outside.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this scrub and I love Lush. While I usually make my own scrubs at home, this one seems like one I will be trying in the near future.

5) Necklace– I love the chunky gold chain necklaces that have been making appearances everywhere. I haven’t wanted to commit to one just yet but winter- when bolder looks can be experimented with- seems like as good a time as any. With the ongoing relationship I have with Nordstrom Rack, this one seems as good as any!

6) Essie nail colors 1 & 2– I love deep nail colors for the colder weather. They match all the darker hues everyone is wearing. And with the love I have found for essie, these two colors are just perfect!

7) Lipstick- As with nail color, I like playing with darker makeup as things get colder. I’ve always been a little afraid to commit to a deep shade of lipstick. Perhaps this is the season it will happen.

Fall Favorites

My top favorites this season!


1) Big Buddha Plaid Lace Infinity Scarf
This scarf is so warm and cozy. With the blanket scarf trend happening right now, I needed in. I love any excuse to wear plaid- I blame my time spent in Scotland surrounded by Tartans. With a touch of lace, this scarf has a gloriously girly touch to jazz up any outfit. The style I found appears to be sold out though similar can be found here.

2) essie Aruba Blue Nail Color
This is the first essie I’m trying out and oh my goodness do I love it! The blue is wonderful with a touch of shimmer. It goes on pretty opaque even after one coat and has a relatively long wear. I love darker nail colors as it gets cooler and I could see this color lasting through the winter.

3) Faux Leather Leggings
I’m a little late to the leather leggings party, I realize. I was incredibly skeptical at first with them but have fallen in love. Alas, due to my lateness, I had a painfully difficult time finding a pair. The linked aren’t the ones I got but look similar with the panel down the side of the leg.

4) Harper Zip Shootie
I already raved to you guys about these. I’ve only fallen more in love with them! They took a little breaking in and I definitely need to wear some degree of socks or tights with them but they’re perfect for all day wear to work and rehearsal now. I like skinny jeans or leggings with these and have paired all sorts of different tops with them. Mine are in the gray though I would be lying to you if I said I weren’t eyeing the leopard print ones, too.