Fall Decorating


When September rolls around, I find myself having to actively resist the urge to decorate for Halloween already. Frankly, if I could, I would be decorated for Halloween year-round though I don’t know how much that would be appreciated.

This year, I had a valid reason barring me from decorating too early. Moving. End of September brought about time to up and move to a new place in the city. So decorating wasn’t going to happen. It would have to come back down anyway! I resisted, content in the knowledge that I would be able to decorate soon enough- and in a new home at that!

My favorite candle right now is Yankee Candle’s Autumn Wreath. It’s spicy while still keeping its freshness. I have never been a fan of those canned pumpkin scented candles that smell cozy to the point of suffocation by pumpkin. This one welcomes fall into my tiny home in the most wonderful way.


It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkins. Craft stores sell fake pumpkins everywhere and they can be tempting but I still gravitate towards the real thing. These little guys were on special at the grocery and definitely end up being cheaper than the craft store variety.

While the cost of moving doesn’t allow for much more than some of my favorite gourds and a candle or two, it’s so wonderful to have my favorite season present in my home again.