Julep Rethink Your Shower Review

julep rethink your shower

For as much attention as I pay to my hair, face, and nails, I don’t give nearly enough love to the rest of my body. This month’s Julep Maven box gave me a chance to give my skin some serious love, though. As part of their July – Drenched collection, Rethink Your Shower Hydrating Body Cleaning Oil takes showering to a whole new level. Using a combination of oils to cleanse and hydrate your skin, this oil is easily my new favorite shower buddy.


I’m gonna start out with the negatives before hitting the positives to end on a high note.

My biggest negative is the packaging, honestly. The bottle gets super slick in the shower and the pump has been sticking like crazy (at least for me) to the point I need to rest it on a flat surface, use both hands to pump, and somehow make it all end up on the loofa. Not ideal.

I also need a lot to cleanse my entire body. I need 10 pumps to have a successful shower.


But now the positives!

This cleansing oil feels really nice on my skin. Where regular shower gels that contain harsh sulfates to cleanse my skin often leave my skin feeling dry and stiff, this just leaves me feeling fresh and clean! The combination of the grape seed oil and coconut oil (along with some other great ingredients) smells amazing.

I got over a thick and rich lather equaling clean a LONG time ago — right when i stopped using shampoo — so I’m totally okay with this not having a super rich lather. It’s actually one of my favorite parts. Bubbles are not equal to clean. It’s entirely about how your skin feels. And with this, my skin feels clean and hydrated!

The product itself I give 8/10. The packaging gets only 2.