Plaid for Days- Blanket Scarf Edition



I somehow managed to really luck out making my way to Target shortly after Thanksgiving. Wandered towards scarves just to check. This scarf has been so impossible to fine. I knew it would be fruitless but I wanted to look anyway. Lo and behold, lucky day! It is every bit as soft and snuggly as I wanted it to be.



Turtleneck sweaters mean I can style this a little differently as my neck is already being kept warm. I love wearing this as a shawl instead of a scarf sometimes. Cinched at the waist with a belt, this thing is like getting a big giant hug all day long.



Scarf: Target | Sweater: old

Fall Favorites

My top favorites this season!


1) Big Buddha Plaid Lace Infinity Scarf
This scarf is so warm and cozy. With the blanket scarf trend happening right now, I needed in. I love any excuse to wear plaid- I blame my time spent in Scotland surrounded by Tartans. With a touch of lace, this scarf has a gloriously girly touch to jazz up any outfit. The style I found appears to be sold out though similar can be found here.

2) essie Aruba Blue Nail Color
This is the first essie I’m trying out and oh my goodness do I love it! The blue is wonderful with a touch of shimmer. It goes on pretty opaque even after one coat and has a relatively long wear. I love darker nail colors as it gets cooler and I could see this color lasting through the winter.

3) Faux Leather Leggings
I’m a little late to the leather leggings party, I realize. I was incredibly skeptical at first with them but have fallen in love. Alas, due to my lateness, I had a painfully difficult time finding a pair. The linked aren’t the ones I got but look similar with the panel down the side of the leg.

4) Harper Zip Shootie
I already raved to you guys about these. I’ve only fallen more in love with them! They took a little breaking in and I definitely need to wear some degree of socks or tights with them but they’re perfect for all day wear to work and rehearsal now. I like skinny jeans or leggings with these and have paired all sorts of different tops with them. Mine are in the gray though I would be lying to you if I said I weren’t eyeing the leopard print ones, too.