Indie Cafe, Chicago


Warm weather in Chicago means it’s outdoor dining season. Mind, it takes us until late May/early June to get there. But we eventually do and then everybody is outside all the time. Going anywhere to eat, the question “do you want to sit outside or inside?” is always “outside.”

So when Sarah and I had a much needed date night and we ended up at Indie Cafe on Broadway, of course we said yes! dining al  fresco is my favorite. Made even better by some wonderful Asian fusion.

Drinks first! This pomegranate cosmo is vodka, peach and orange infused liqueur, pomegranate juice, and fresh lime all garnished with a lemon rind and mint leaves. It’s SO REFRESHING! Hot days of July, I’m coming for you armed with this stuff.

Appetizer round included sweet potato samosas and miso soup, spicy for me and regular for her.





The samosas were wonderful and slightly spicy, full to bursting with curried sweet potato. And the miso? Let’s just say I treated those fresh jalapeno slices more like tea leaves than an actual soup ingredient. That stuff was HOT and it was wonderful. But no way could I have handled all that extra jalapeno.

Finally, the main course. Sushi! Sushi is my “I’m a bad vegetarian” dish. Not all of us have one, but I do. So I got an Alaskan roll and a Spicy Salmon. Both spectacular! The fish was downright buttery.

Indie Cafe | Spicy Sake

Spicy Sake (salmon) roll

Indie Cafe | Alaskan Roll

Alaskan roll (Smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber)

A much needed date night outside with wonderfully fresh and delicious food. I HIGHLY recommend Indie Cafe. Their menu spans many cuisines so there’s sure to be something for everyone. The sushi is insanely fresh and delicious. And their extensive drink menu will quench any thirst you could have.

Sushi Date Night

With seriously conflicting work schedules, it has been incredibly difficult for my lady and I to find time to have together. Combine that with both of us having a particularly intense craving for sushi and the first free night we both had off (and weren’t phenomenally exhausted), we ventured out into the cold to a chic little sushi spot for some well-deserved rolls.


Dib Sushi sits in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood right off the Lawrence Red Line. I beat her there- her coming from work and me coming from home- and, thus, grabbed a table and took in the atmosphere as I warmed up over a cup of green tea. Even chatted with my neighbor who was also waiting for a date. The decor of this place is simply stunning! Dim lighting and faux-suede bench seats establish a solidly cozy atmosphere paired with bird-nest looking chairs. The place is warm and inviting with a little candle at each table to up the romance. Simply perfect for our date night.


Occasionally, we take a small break from our no-meat rule and will allow ourselves one indulgence. My indulgence was a crunchy spicy salmon roll. Hers was a tuna avocado roll. We shared a sweet potato tempura roll, an impressive order of mixed veggie tempura, and a roll called the Vegan Garden which was a mess of greens and other veggies with tofu wrapped in soy paper in a decadent peanut sauce. Top it all off with a bowl of miso and we were set for a feast!